Muslim flight attendant to sue airline because SHE refuses to serve alcohol on flights

Who knew, when you have a job, you’re expected to do it?

Back in 2015, Muslim flight attendant Charee Stanley says she was suspended by ExpressJet for refusing to serve alcohol in accordance with her Islamic faith.

In an attempt to get her job back, Stanley filed a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, claiming that she should be afforded a religious accommodation.
Fine – but do you think liberals would be quick to defend a Catholic cashier who refused to sell birth control? Or if Kim Davis didn’t want to issue a marriage license for religious reasons? Or a Christian baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple? We know from the past how liberals responded to those last two…
Now, the flight attendant appears to be well assimilated into American culture, as she’s doing something our citizens are known for: filing lawsuits at the drop of a pin.

Via BizPacReview

The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Michigan chapter announced Tuesday they were suing the ExpressJet for Charee Stanley, a Muslim woman and flight attendant out of Detroit, according to the Associated Press.

The federal court case follows a discrimination complaint filed last year with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which dismissed it without determining whether the airline violated the law.

Stanley alleges ExpressJet didn’t provide a reasonable religious accommodation and seeks back pay and other damages. She was placed on unpaid leave last summer.

ExpressJet said in a statement that it valued diversity, but that it could not comment on Stanley’s specific case.

What do you all think? Personally, I don’t understand why the Muslim attendant didn’t just ask another attendant to serve alcohol instead. And besides, it’s not like pork is to Muslims, it’s not like they believe they’ll go to hell for simply touching it, which makes me question why she wouldn’t serve it to non-Muslims.

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