This ‘Muslim Free’ Gun Shop Just Took It to Another LEVEL! Liberals INFURIATED!

Two things liberals hate: gun stores and criticism of Muslims. What a brilliant business decision it was for one decision to further infuriate liberals by having their gun store be “Muslim free.”

That was just their first source of controversy – they appear to have adopted anti-liberalism as their entire marketing strategy. RightWingNews (quoting the Huffington Post)has their latest:

A Florida gun store that made headlines last year when it declared itself a “Muslim-free zone“ is now selling shooting targets that depict President Barack Obama as well as Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Florida Gun Supply in Inverness, about 75 miles north of Tampa, has the targets for sale for $4.99, a discount from the usual $9.99 price.

The Clinton and Obama targets may have been previously available, but the Sanders target is a new addition since April when Hallinan posted a video apologizing because “I didn’t show my new Bernie Sanders target sooner.”

He also launched a website called to sell the items.

“These targets are designed to be nothing more than extreme examples of the 1st amendment,” the company wrote on its Facebook page. “This art is not to incite violence — but rather to inspire ALL of America to gain a better understanding of how strong our 1st amendment rights are — even if they are unpopular.”

Here’s a photo of the targets:


Well – that’s a target I won’t be boycotting.

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