Muslim From Michigan Who Called For Stabbing Of Jews Worked For US State Department and You Won’t Believe Her Position!

From The Blaze

The State Department said Wednesday that a Michigan woman who recently posted a video supporting Palestinians who stab Jews once served as a volunteer on a State Department program that works to create positive change in the Middle East.

Responding to questions TheBlaze posed to the department Sunday, a State Department spokesperson said Wednesday that the video inciting to violence “does not represent the values” of the program in which the woman served.

Lina Allan, the pro-Palestinian activist, posted a video on YouTube last week titled “Is Stabbing Jews Haram [Forbidden]?” in which she blasted Muslims who argue that stabbing attacks are forbidden under Islamic law.

The Middle East Media Research Institute, which translated the Arabic-language video, reported that Allan told Jordan’s Roya TV in 2012 that she had represented the State Department’s U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative at the Jameed Festival in Jordan, a food and culture event honoring rural women.

A State Department spokesperson told TheBlaze via email Wednesday, “Lina Allan was one of many independent volunteers that helped organize a single activity in Jordan.”

As Allan had claimed, the activity was the Jameed Festival. The objective of that activity was to help rural women work toward financial independence, the State Department explained.

“That activity was implemented by the MEPI Alumni Network in Jordan which regularly engaged individuals from the public as volunteers,” the spokesperson said, adding, “This is the only affiliation that Lina Allan has ever had with the MEPI Program.”

“It goes without saying that Allan’s video does not represent the values of the MEPI program or its alumni community,” the State Department spokesperson said. “Obviously we condemn any acts of violence against innocent civilians.”

The State Department’s MEPI program — established during President George W. Bush’s administration — sponsors groups and individuals that are “striving to create positive change in the society,” its website states. Read More

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