Police have now ceded control to over 55 “no-go-zones” to criminal Muslim gangs. The decision came after mailmen and emergency personnel were under constant attack from the Muslim immigrants when attempting to enter into the specific areas, requiring a police escort. The violence had become so bad, that even police officers needed protection when entering these Muslim-controlled areas.

Muslim Gangs Overrun Police in 55 Neighborhoods

Thankfully, for the time being, these no-go-zones are in Sweden and not here in the US (although Dearborn, Michigan is getting close). As Muslim gangs continue to expand across Europe, they continue to force their religious laws on the communities they overtake.

In the neighborhoods in Sweden, it’s even worse, as some of these areas now have vehicle checkpoints set up at the borders. Ruled by criminals, these neighborhoods are now run in a mafia-styled manner. Justice is handed out in unofficial courts and punishments are dealt according to however the Muslim thugs see fit. Now that law enforcement officers in Sweden have thrown up their hands and walked away, the illegal drug trade has grown rampant and these Muslim-controlled communities are likely to continue to grow.

Muslim Gangs Overrun Police in 55 Neighborhoods

We could learn a thing or two from this country. I am sure that they started off with good intentions of accepting these Muslim immigrants into their country. They adopted multiculturalism with the expectation that the hospitality they provided would result in a peaceful coexistence with these Muslims.

But how can you co-exist with a group of people who have no respect for you, your laws, or your culture and instead choose to turn your neighborhoods into drug-infested slums? It’s time that Americans take a long hard look at what is happening to other countries around the world and learn from their mistakes; otherwise, we could find ourselves in a very similar situation.

Courtesy of Mad World News

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