Muslim Gets BLASTED By Karma After DISGUSTING Racism Against Whites


From Mad World: Although the Obamas would like Americans to believe that only whites can be racist, this just simply isn’t the case, and a recent story proves it. One member of the “religion of peace” recently targeted whites in an act of racism so horrible, that she’s now facing deportation – and this isn’t her first time.

News of the incident comes out of Florida where a Saudi Arabian national woman went to a local Walmart and apparently had a bit of difficulty exiting the store. According to Terry Rakowski, Nuha Mohammed Al-Doaifi – who had her 2-year-old daughter with her – couldn’t seem to work the automatic doors.

“All I was trying to do was tell her she was coming in through the out door,” said Rakowski. “She was just ramming (her cart) into the door.” This was enough to set Al-Doaifi off, prompting her to spit on Rakowski.

Muslim Gets BLASTED By Karma After DISGUSTING Bout Of Racism Against Whites

“She just spit all over me,” the attempted Good Samaritan explained.

Sadly, Rakowski wasn’t the only one. Al-Doaifi had done the same to several other patrons in the store just minutes prior to the incident. Police arrived after being called to the scene and arrested the woman on battery charges – until, that is, they found a pattern in her behavior.

According to a spokeswoman for the Palm Bay Police Department, “Her actions were directed at random people based on their ethnicity, and that’s according to her own statement.” Not only was Al-Doaifi targeting whites, but she was proud of it.

A hate crime enhancement was tacked onto her current charges, which subsequently evolves her charges from a simple misdemeanor to a felony. This, in combination with the fact that she recently spat on a Florida Tech professor, could just get her deported back home.

Ironically, it sounds like the woman doesn’t like it very much here anyways, leaving many wondering why she didn’t just leave on her own accord anyways. Either way – what’s with the spitting? It’s known that we can subconsciously adopt the habits of our significant others after being with them long enough, but that seems like one goat quality you wouldn’t want.

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