These Muslim Girls DEMANDED Segregation, So This Government Told Them To PACK THEIR BAGS!


I feel for the refugees flowing into Europe, I really do. And with such a massive flow there has been an increase in horrible crimes and assaults across the continent. I have argued with my friends that not ALL the refugees are harmful and that at least the destitute women and children should be able to take refuge because they are harmless. Unfortunately, I have been proven wrong as even the women and children are beginning to show a tremendous lack of humility.

Many who practice an extreme law of Islam called Sharia, have been pushing to have their religious laws implemented into the European societies hosting them. Some countries have started changing their own culture to be a better host not realizing that they are infringing on the rights their own citizens. Switzerland, the country known for being the level-headed neutral place in Europe, has taken a stand against the refugees attack on culture that while looking big and bold… is really just common sense and well– neutral.

A group of young Muslim girls and their parents have decided to take a stand against the Swiss educational system, claiming religious intolerance. The parents signed their daughters up for school understanding the federal law that all students must take mandatory swimming lessons. These Muslim students refused them and the authorities didn’t like that!

Mad World News reports:

Finding that the girls had applied for Swiss citizenship, authorities immediately denied their applications, citing the students’ refusal to comply with school curricula like all the other children of various races, backgrounds, and religions.Their refusal to assimilate to and respect the very culture they wanted to take them in and give them the privilege of citizenship was proof enough that they weren’t there to better Swiss society but to force its citizens to adopt their foreign beliefs.

Some people argue that the Swiss authorities are being too strict and that while swimming is required curriculum it’s not important enough to deny citizenship. What do you think? Are there parts of American culture and tradition that people are trying to change today based on their own personal beliefs or opinions? Which of these traditions would you be willing to sacrifice so that your guest can feel more comfortable? I’d love your opinion, leave your comments below!!!

Editor’s note: Hats off to Switzerland. They 100% did the right thing. I mean, come on, guys. Who would you rather see at a pool; Burkini woman on the left, or hot, American flag bikini woman with a BACON cheeseburger on the right?

burkini vs bikini

That’s right. Bacon. Wins every time. Go Switzerland.

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