These Muslim Girls REFUSED To Swim With Boys, Now They Are Getting A BIG Surprise From The Government!

There’s been a culture shock for the Europeans who’ve opened up the floodgates for refugees, and there’s no turning back for many of them.

Unlike our European neighbors, America has always been a melting pot, where those who come here assimilate into a unified American culture. Those in Europe are quickly learning that assimilation is more easily said that done.

It’s a process that takes generations, and anyone who thinks they can welcome in millions of refugees from an alien culture and have them abide by our customers is naive. Migrants tend to isolate themselves in their own communities within the countries they’ve entered, and rather than embrace their new country, are more interested in making it like the land they escaped from.

Liberals will whine and call it “racist,” but at least one nation isn’t going to allow Islamic culture to be imported to their nation. WTSP reports:

In the latest move to deny citizenship to those who balk at Swiss culture, authorities rejected the naturalization application of two Muslim girls who refused to take school swimming lessons because boys were present.

The girls, ages 12 and 14, who live in the northern city of Basel, had applied for Swiss citizenship several months ago, but their request was denied, Swiss media reported Tuesday.

The girls, whose names were not disclosed, said their religion prevents them from participating in compulsory swimming lessons with males in the pool at the same time. Their naturalization application was rejected because the sisters did not comply with the school curriculum, Basel authorities said.

“Whoever doesn’t fulfill these conditions violates the law and therefore cannot be naturalized,” Stefan Wehrle, president of the naturalization committee, told TV station SRF on Tuesday.

The case shows how those who don’t follow Swiss rules and customs won’t become citizens, even if they have lived in the country for a long time, are fluent in one of the national languages — German, French or Italian — and are gainfully employed.

Another recent case sparked widespread outrage in Switzerland when two Muslim brothers refused to shake hands with their female teacher, also citing religious restrictions. Shaking hands with a teacher is a common practice in Swiss schools.

After that incident was widely publicized, authorities suspended the naturalization request from the boys’ father, an imam at the Basel mosque.

Imagine if we tried to do the same here in America? Within minutes, MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media would be blasting us for “Islamophobia,” “racism,” “xenophobia,” or whatever buzzword is popular at the time.

Switzerland seems to know what they’re doing. They have a culture similar to ours, and they aren’t afraid to enforce their immigration laws. Enough with Canada – I’m moving to Switzerland if Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency.

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