DIRTY Muslim Diplomat Makes Girls Regret Wearing Skirts On NYC Subway, Obama Gives Him SICK Reward For It

A 38-year-old woman was sexually assaulted from behind when a man on the Manhattan subway forcibly rubbed his genitals on her.

I know it’s crowded on the NY subways, but not “rub my junk all over you” crowded. I’ve bumped into people too, but I didn’t stand there for a while and simulate something from 50 Shades of Allah.

This guy reportedly didn’t just “pass by.” He was several strokes in the wind, ready to blow a gasket, and that’s not exactly called “just passing by.”

The man was arrested and charged with multiple sex related crimes, but he walked away with his head high and a grin on his face because he has Diplomatic Immunity. That loophole in the criminal justice system theoretically lets him bump and grind on any woman in the train car and get away with it. I don’t know why he kept his pants on. At this rate, he could’ve raped her and we’d be wondering if Obama’s Diplomatic Immunity would pardon him from that crime too. It doesn’t even make sense why Diplomatic Immunity is a thing. What happens if he raped a girl every time he took the train? Nothing is done? Doesn’t make sense to me.


Bare Naked Islam reports – It’s called ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ and it allows top foreign diplomats who may also be perverts, rapists, or common criminals to commit virtually any kind of crime and avoid prosecution. Yet another reason for kicking the United Nations out of New York City.NY Post (h/t Ashley D)  A 49-year-old diplomat from Sudan was arrested for grinding against a woman on a Manhattan subway Monday — but the charges were quickly dropped because he has diplomatic immunity, police sources said. The incident happened on a northbound No. 4 subway as it was leaving Grand Central Station at about 2 p.m., sources said.Mohammad Abdalla Ali allegedly approached a 38-year-old woman from behind and rubbed his genitals against her. He was charged with sex abuse and forcible touching. Taken to the Midtown South police stationhouse, he provided identification papers proving he’s a diplomat, then was released, sources said. There will be no prosecution, sources said.

What exactly is the United Nations thinking with this nonsense? If you commit a crime, then you’re held responsible for it. It shouldn’t matter if you’re from another country. Rape is rape. Stealing is stealing.

You can’t come to America and grind women in the backside and think it’s OK. But of course, this guy is Muslim, so he probably doesn’t know how to act.

Where he’s from, they probably treat women like old dirty rugs or alone-time-socks.

The Muslims need to read a book about assimilation before they travel to America. They must understand that a woman on the train doesn’t want you dry humping her like a dog.

If she wants you to thrust upon her, then she’ll let you know. Trust me, the women in America will let you know one way or the other.

I think we should send a little note to the United Nations and work towards getting rid of the Diplomatic Immunity. We need to hold people accountable for crimes when they purposely take advantage of the crime (and the woman). We shouldn’t have our American women get groped like they’re behind a dumpster with Brock Turner.

Foreign visitors must remember this rule:



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