Muslim Group Under Fire By Devout Muslims For Message Against Terrorism

SO, after ALL of the TERRORIST acts we’ve witnessed by Muslims the past 6 months I just keep thinking… if this is NOT what Muslims should be doing… where are the Muslims speaking out? People want to yell at me saying Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ and I always say… if that were true you would see Muslims en-masse speaking out against this.

Well? HERE it is. Finally what I’ve been hoping and praying for, a suburban Chicago Muslim group posted a billboard encouraging their members to keep an eye out for Radical Islamists.
It reads “Muslims to Muslims: See Something. Say Something. Save Innocent Lives.”

This is what I’ve been waiting for. Some Muslim somewhere trying to reel in the extremists and clean up their own cultural messes. The Association of Pakistani-Americans of Bolingbrook put up the sign to do their part to fight terrorism AND Islamophobia. The founder, Rashid

Said they want to spread the message in the Muslim community that anybody doing something suspicious – whether they’re of the Islamic faith or not – should be reported to authorities.

“We are trying to tell average Americans this is who we are, and we do not condone (terrorism),” he said. Rashid is also a member of Bolingbrook’s Planning Commission and was the suburb’s 2003 Citizen of the Year. “If we see anyone in our community that is off track, we will let the authorities know.”

Certainly, seeing this billboard fights my own fears of Islam, well at least until I hear about this…CAIR (Hamas funded Council of American Islamic Relations) is pissed off that the APAB put up the billboard.

“It’s so vague,” said Council of American Islamic Relations” Mohammed Kaiseruddin, chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. “See something: That could mean profiling. That could mean somebody Middle Eastern wearing a long beard. And say something? Say to who?”

The GOOD thing is Rashid won’t be pushed around by CAIR. He’s received many more positive than negative comments on the billboards saying, “Misguided people are putting shame through the whole Muslim world, and that’s very embarrassing,” Rashid said. “This is good for everyone. This is good for this country.” Is this too little too late or the beginning of something that can reconcile Americans with Muslim immigrants?

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