Muslim “Welfare Queen” Refuses to Remove Headscarf in Court… Patriot Judge Puts Her In Check!

A Muslim welfare queen appeared in court wearing a headscarf, but per the court rules, the judge ordered her to remove the head item. The judge also ordered anyone wearing sunglasses or other head items that they would not hear their case until said items were removed.

No problem there, right? Just take off your hats and sunglasses when you approach the judge, go through with your case, and be off on your day.

But that’s not what the Muslim welfare queen had in mind. She wanted a problem and she got one. She refused to follow the court orders of removing her head scarf and began ranting about how she’s poor, how she’s this, how she’s that. All the while, people are shaking their heads and rolling their eyes far enough to the back of their head that they can see their own neck.

The judge didn’t care either.

The judge went on to say that she would not hear anyone that appeared wearing a hat or sunglasses either.

“I will therefore not hear you if you are wearing a scarf on your head,” Marengo said.

When asked if she would remove the headscarf so that the court could continue, El-Alloul declined.

“Actually I cannot remove my scarf,” said El-Alloul. “Since long years I’m wearing my scarf.”

El-Alloul then started to give the judge excuses that she was poor, on welfare and a mother of three on her own, but the judge would hear none of it.

“That’s not what I’m talking about,” said Marengo in reference to the excuses.

The judge told her that she would not be hearing her case and that she could consult a lawyer.

Well, the problem with that is she’s poor. Didn’t she tell you? Judge? Come on judge, YOU follow the orders of the Muslim welfare queen who is in court for breaking some other rules. HA! Looks like this woman has a huge problem with following rules. That’s funny because she’s Muslim and oppressed under men. She should be used to following rules and doing what she’s told. If she failed to obey orders from a Muslim man, she’d have a face full of acid and lose a finger or three.

But she can waltz her tax paying system abusing self into a court and fail to honor a judge?


Follow the rules of the court. There is NO other option. You are in the presence of a judge and you do exactly what they say for your own good.

And stop buying head scarfs with my tax money and acting like an entitled bacon hater.

I’m tired of my taxes paying to support people who can’t even be decent citizens and follow basic American rules.

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