Muslim “Hero” of Paris Attacks turns out to be Fabricated Story (VIDEO)


From Young Cons: Everybody loves a good survival story, especially when a hero (or heroes) are involved.

The train attack overseas in which three Americans saved the lives of others, for example. That was great because it was factual.

Though, when a hero story goes big all across the world and everyone cheers, it’s a major let down when it’s revealed that the whole thing was fabricated.

From RS:

There would have been nothing so pleasing for some to have used against critics of Islam than a story that went viral about a Muslim guard who heroically saved many during the Paris attacks.

Except for one tiny little detail: it never happened.

Watch below:

From BBC:

Those facts did not, however, stop Zouheir from being hailed as a hero – and sometimes specifically as a Muslim hero – on social networks and on news sites including the Mirror, the Huffington Post and others. In a headline posted on Mail Online, Piers Morgan hailed a “brave Muslim named Zouheir”, but that storywas later edited.

“Zouheir” has been mentioned more than 8,000 times on Twitter, with all of the most popular tweets in reference to the Paris story. Several users claimed that there was some sort of cover-up happening around the story, or that it was being suppressed due to supposed anti-Muslim media bias. Others shared it to highlight what they thought was an “important” story and a “ray of hope” in a grim situation.

Hundreds of posts were also shared on Facebook and Instagram…

How about that?

The liberal media immediately hailed the guy a ‘Muslim hero’ because they are so desperate to paint Islam in a positive light.

In a day and age where everyone is so eager to be the first one to post on social media, we forget that facts are still important.

Everyone is always in a rush to jump to conclusions.


Let the story unfold.

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