Muslim Walks Into IKEA And Leaves Horrid Bloodbath Behind – Look What Store Did Immediately After

The United States isn’t the only country in western civilization that has been dealing with an influx of Muslim migrants and refugees. Europe too has been struggling with being overburdened by immigrant and migrant populations. But nobody talks about it because the United States is purposefully depicted by the mainstream liberal media as being somehow different in that regard. But not too long ago a 57-year-old Swedish woman, as well as her 22-year-old son, were stabbed and murdered by an asylum seeker who was Muslim and Eritrean! It took place in none other than a branch of IKEA!

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet stated that video camera footage showed a 35-year-old man grabbing what appears to be two knives from the kitchen section of the store before stabbing his two victims (Beheading one) who ultimately died. Investigators indicated the migrant had had a meeting with immigration officials just hours before when they told him he was going to be deported. Perhaps this was his last and final act of desperation in an attempt to stay in Sweden even if it meant remaining in prison.

Swedish police at the scene of the Vasteras store in Sweden

Many criminals will often commit new crimes in order to remain in jail. It is often done by migrants who want to remain in the country they are in as well as repeat offenders who have spent more time behind bars than in society and can’t function in society so they commit crimes to go back where they can function. It is very sad. But worst of all a drain on society. And a drain on taxpayer dollars. Citizens should not have to carry that financial burden. It is not their responsibility yet liberal governments place it on them.

Thanks to this disgusting attack the Swedish branch of IKEA publically stated they will no longer be selling kitchen knives or displaying them in their stores. News Agency AFP were very tight-lipped about the incident and refused to confirm nor deny any details to the media so many of the details of the attack remain unknown. Even to this day.

What people are failing to mention is that removing knives from stores won’t prevent future attacks like this from happening. It isn’t the knives that are the problem. The problem is dangerous, criminal, illegal aliens who aren’t properly vetted and allowed into countries that are civilized when they should have been rejected at the border. Immigration is a privilege and not a right. People would do well to remember that.

However, the store did open for business the next day after temporarily shutting down after the attack took place. The identity of the perpetrator and of the victims still remains unknown as well as the exact injuries the victims sustained. There are some unsubstantiated rumors that they were beheaded and that the perpetrator yelled Allah Akbar before committing the crime. But that has not been proven.

Yet the mainstream media constantly reports on how Muslim migrants and refugees are discriminated against and treated poorly by western populations. They depict us all as unfeeling, intolerant, and unaccepting. While failing to report on such horrific incidents such as these which could shed even a marginal light on why people are hesitant to have open borders.

When stories such as these are reported on it makes people justifiably concerned about what is going on in their back yard. It doesn’t make them crazy for being worried. And they shouldn’t be shamed just for being completely realistic. Yet they are by liberals and progressives. Society has become far too politically correct to the point where people would rather be politically correct than truthful. This lack of honesty is what allows politically correct policies like open borders to continue. When these policies continue this tragic murder is the result.

People deserve better than this type of behavior. This is something that the United States can work together with other European countries to combat. Since this issue affects many parts of Western Europe as well. But under progressive governments and leadership such as Angela Merkel of Germany, the likelihood of them working with America to combat radical Islamic terrorism is slim to none. Pigs would sooner fly than seeing this take place.

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