Muslim Illegals Thought Egyptian Ship Was There To Help…They Were WRONG


From Mad World: For months, the Egyptian government has warned the U.K. to brace themselves for boatloads of Islamic terrorists coming from Asian and Middle Eastern Muslim nations, disguising themselves as refugees and immigrants, but Europe refused to listen. Knowing firsthand the devastation that comes with immense Islamization, Egypt decided to take measure into their own hands.

Mad World News recently reported that Italian Minister for the Interior Angelino Alfano alerted his country of an “exodus without precedent” of epic proportions. He described the “boats full of terrorists” coming from Libya, a stronghold of Islamic terror that is nearing an infiltration of ISIS.

The warning came after ISIS threatened to send 500,000 immigrants out to sea as a “psychological weapon” against the West, knowing that Europe has been weakened by political correctness.

Although the mainstream media is already criminalizing Egypt’s timely action against a ship full of illegal Muslim immigrants, they may have saved their Western neighbors from another deadly infiltration.

According to The Oran Journal, the Egyptian Navy has destroyed a ship carrying a large number of Somali and Eritrean immigrants, some of whom reportedly washed ashore.

Muslim Illegals Thought Egyptian Ship Was There To Help...They Thought WRONG

This ship was surely heavily pregnant with dangerous Islamic cargo, considering Eritrea’s overwhelming Muslim population of nearly 50 percent and Somalia’s incredible 98 percent Islamic majority.

The Journal reports that the illegals had attempted to leave the Egyptian coast for the shores of Europe, but the military was alerted by Africa and Middle East Assistance (AMERA) in hopes that Egypt would help the already draining immigrants with more financial assistance.

However, instead of endangering another country with criminals, who were allowed to infiltrate the borders of their own nation, Egypt took responsibility and cleaned up their own mess.

While this mindset sounds harsh, Somalia was recently ranked the fourth most dangerous country on earth, barely coming in behind three countries overtaken by ISIS and Boko Haram.

Don’t let the bleeding heart liberals confuse for one moment the real reason these falsely labeled refugees are swamping the coasts of Western nations. They aren’t flocking to our borders for a better life, assimilating to our culture and embracing our freedoms. They are obeying the commands of Muhammad, who urged that Muslims should bring the Sword of Islam and violent, intolerant Sharia law to all nations, either by war or migration.

Instead of welcoming in followers of the same ideology that states that gays should be executed, women are owned by the men in their lives, and all other religions, or lack thereof, must be forced to submit to Islam, we should be rescuing the true victims of Islamic intolerance: non-Muslims in Muslim nations. Yet, this somehow sounds less reasonable than calling the fundamentals of Islam “un-Islamic” and protecting the offenders.

While there are countless countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa that have implemented Sharia law, swarms of Muslim immigrants trek to the West to demand the same legislation that they claim to have fled in their homeland.

Regardless of the fact that these so-called refugees are already breaking the law by illegally immigrating, even the left cannot deny the body count that Islam has racked up over the years, totaling over 270 million. Knowing this, if that’s a risk the left is willing to take, perhaps they should be the first to be forced into living under Sharia.
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