ISIS-Loving Muslim Immigrant SPITS on Police, Gets INSTANT TEXAS JUSTICE

Tuesday afternoon In Arlington, Tx. was pretty eventful when Police pulled over the driver of a black 4 door Acura. The male driver turned out to be a self-proclaimed Muslim Terrorist. The Muslim immigrant has been living in Texas and was identified by police as Wahib Sadek Hamed. Arlington Police were notified of a car driving recklessly recently during rush hour down Arlington’s’ Green Oaks blvd. Once police pulled over the car they were met with an irritate driver claiming to be a Muslim Terrorist.

Witnesses Mohammad Omar Ileiwat who owns a smoke shop in the area was driving back to his shop when he saw the suspect driving erratically. Ileiwat said the suspect was “driving like a mad man”.

When police pulled Hamed over at a stop light Hamed immediately exited his vehicle, shirtless and aggravated, Hamed, aggressively approached the officer. After a few steps toward the officer, Hamed turns back to his vehicle, he attempts to open the door and the officer uses the taser twice. The officer initially pulling out his gun, but then changed his mind and opted for a teaser. The suspect tried to pull out the taser prongs and come after the officer again. It took till the third tease to bring Hamed down. Once Hamed was down on the ground the officer handcuffed him, but the officer wasn’t alone. A number of passersby immediately jumped into the action to help subdue Hamed. It was as Hamed was down on the ground that he shouted something about supporting ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

Had this incident happened in any other state the officer would have somehow been villainized, but this is Texas. Citizens respect and help police officers, not villainize them. One eyewitness recalls when the citizens stepped in the help the police officer, “Everyone helped out, It was pretty crazy.” Ileiwat recorded the confrontation on his smartphone and posted it to Facebook, the video has over 65,000 likes. Police also had their dash cameras rolling as they pulled over Wahib Sadek Hamed. Now Hamed is in very real trouble. It’s no surprise that officers found dangerous weapons in his car. Police found an AK-47, a shotgun, a handgun and over two-hundred rounds of ammo following Hamed’s arrest. Ileiwat witnessed the whole arrest process and praises the officer for treating Hamed with respect. Ileiwat says the officer didn’t use excessive force on Hamed “the (officer gave Hamed) benefit of the doubt, backing up, (asking Hamed to), get down on the ground, get down on the ground. Even when he was on top of him, he could have come down on him hard.”

Good on the Police of Arlington, Tx. and for the good citizens that had the backs of our Men-in-Blue.

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