Muslim Jihadist Leader Calls Out All Obama Supporters In New Video [WATCH]


In an ironic twist, Muslim-loving Obama supporters were openly called out by a Muslim jihadist group, where the leader appeared in a new ISIS-style video, vowing that the terror group will enslave all Obama supporters.

I think he’s a bit late enslaving Obama supporters. Obama already beat him to it.

The video, initially distributed on Twitter, depicts a man claiming to be Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Nigerian jihadist group Boko Haram. In addition to threatening violence against the Nigerian government if they proceed with the presidential elections, Shekau declared that they will “enslave” all “supporters of Francois Hollande and Obama.”

“Whomever supports Hollande and Obama, as they supported Bush and Clinton before, and supported the state of Jewish Israel: he is an enemy and a target to us and we will enslave him and sell him in the markets.”

Shekau went on to say that the purpose of the video was “not a message of declaring a war, but a call for you to listen to and obey Allah.”

“This election will not hold even if we are dead. Even if we are not alive Allah will never allow you to do it,” Shekau states. “You are saying authority is from people to people, which means people should rule each other [rather than Allah],” he goes on, vowing revenge on “the disbelievers who believe in democracy.”

Poor guy. He’s just misunderstood and chose to be a terrorist since he wasn’t provided any other career options. If he simply had access to jobs (as State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf recently suggested as a way to eradicate terrorism), there’s no doubt that this man would be wearing khakis and driving his kid to basketball practice in a minivan  somewhere, rather than threatening to kill infidels or kidnapping Christian girls to sell into sexual slavery.

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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