Muslim Kept Leaving Work To Pray, Now He’s Suing After Whole Food’s SMACKED Him Down!

Recent reports in the media indicate that a Muslim man that goes by Robert Greene has just filed a federal lawsuit in the court system against his employer Glen Mills Whole Foods. The motivation behind the suit is that Greene accuses his employer of being discriminatory against his religious and cultural beliefs.

As Muslim Greene has to pray five times a day in the direction of Mecca. This ritual unfortunately overlaps with his work schedule making a conflict in his schedule. Which also makes it difficult to maintain his religious practices while also working,

When he was working in the prepared foods section of the store he said their was no problem. However, he was eventually transferred to the meat department and that is when he said his rituals became an issue after several complaints from his supervisors in management.

Greene alleges that he suffered from the discriminatory and derogatory comments from his employers. Specifically, he alleges that one of his bosses told him directly, “this is not a mosque.” The lawsuit continues on saying that Greene tried reaching out to the upper management but he got no response. He reports that his termination was due to his complaints.

Now the suit is trying to get Greene back pay and punitive damages due to what he refers to as a violation of his civil rights. It would appear from the facts that his argument is inherently flawed. Everyone has different religious and cultural beliefs. For example, some people go to church or the synogauge. But they do it in their free time.

You never see people demanding Easter off or Palm Sunday or the myriad of remembrances for different saints. Christians and Jews pray to but we never hear of Christians or Jews suing employers for infringing on their religious civil rights. This comes down to entitlement. Greene feels entitled that he should be let off of work multiple times a day to pray. But that isn’t how things work in the USA.

It’s one thing to ask for a day off. That is just part of your sick, vacation, or holiday time. But multiple times a day is lunacy. If you cannot complete a job or a task within the job it means you are incapable of completing the job. You have to change your behavior to complete the job. Not whine about it and file a lawsuit.


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