Disgusting Muslim Lady Gets Hired By Dentist, Days Later ‘Islam’ Took Priority And Gave Boss NASTY Surprise


Snooty and conniving little Miss Najaf Khan applied to work as a dental assistant in an office in Northern Virginia. She recently finished her training as a dental assistant and she was ready to start her career.

The day she was called into her interview she started weaving a tale of deception that really have people wondering what she’s really up to. When she dressed for her interview, she decided against wearing her religious hijab and didn’t mention her Muslim beliefs (which is usually fine unless some of those beliefs may interfere with work policy). The Dentist, Dr. Chuck Woo hired Khan assuming she would wear the required medical scrubs that everyone in his office wore.

Her first few days went off without a hitch as she arrived to work wearing regular dental scrubs. Scrubs are clothing made specific for the medical industry because they are easy to wash and change throughout the day to keep a sanitary environment for patients. Dr. Choo probably thought he had made a good pick with this new assistant as she seemed to be following the normal medical procedures she had learned in school as an assistant.

On the third day everything changed as Khan decided to go to work in her hijab. Now let’s stop right here… remember what a dental assistant does? They hang over your wide open mouth assisting the dentist in their dental procedures. So her hijab NOT scrubs is fluttering around the dental chair.

After deceiving her employer into giving her job, Dr. Joo asked her to remove her hijab and put on appropriate attire for the office, but Khan refuse, insisting that it’s against her religion.

Evidently, not wearing it for her interview and first two work days wasn’t against her religion, but now that she was being told she couldn’t wear a hijab, it was a problem she professed to be passionate about. With sanitation and patient safety in mind, Dr. Joo offered her an ultimatum, saying she either follow the rules or leave.

“When I said that I would not compromise my religion for that, he held the door open for me and I walked out,” Khan told NBC Washington. It seems that Khan left the office and went straight to complain to The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) about it, who quickly weighed in on the perceived injustice shown to this employee.

Okay ALWAYS in comes CAIR! Ugh… the Hamas funded organization is always there when there’s opportunity of punishing the Western way of life IN THE UNITED STATES! So the Muslim lawsuit organization demanded that the dentist make religious accommodations for Khan.

Now remember the accommodations Khan made in the beginning just to get the job? The first couple days she wore scrubs and surgical masks… was her religion less important to her THEN? Why suddenly was her religious hijab an integral part of her work clothing? I believe that Khan was already in cahoots with CAIR and had carefully planned this ambush knowing full well that the dentist would fire her and she could have a nice $$$lawsuit$$$ on her hands.

Dr. Choo is standing by his office policy saying that the only head coverings allowed in the office were surgical hats. He also said he wants a ‘religiously neutral’ office. I believe it’s unrealistic to ask for a dental office to be neutral of religion and politics because those are the basis of our beliefs. But I believe that it’s more than realistic to ask your employees to dress a certain way especially the medical profession’s accepted and suggested and required way to dress for the job.

So what do you think? Should I be allowed to keep a job on Wall Street if I attend the interview in a suit, only to show up in jeans and t-shirt on my work days? Should a firefighter be allowed to keep his job if he demanded to be allowed to go on calls in his pajamas? Would you feel weird if the checker at Walmart decided to wear a swimsuit while scanning your groceries, even though she wore jeans and a t-shirt at the interview?

I have a religious choice NOT to work on Sundays. I believe it’s the Lord’s day and I reserve that day for Him. Since I was 16 yrs-old I have always told potential employers that I would NOT be able to work on Sundays because of religious preference. I have been NOT hired for some jobs over that, I suspect. I was even hired to a job where I told them. When they tried to schedule me I reminded them that I wouldn’t be able to work Sunday and they let me go. I didn’t call ANY religious rights group to come and SAVE ME! I just went and got a job somewhere else where they did accommodate me. I have been doing that for decades, being hired for many great jobs.

My integrity is too important to lie to a potential employer to trick them into hiring me and my integrity is too important to lie to my God. Instead I live with faith that my God is powerful enough to recognize my sacrifice for Him and know He will make sure that I get work that I’m looking for. Maybe that’s because I know that my God is Great and All-powerful and I don’t need to use tricks to punish employers whose beliefs don’t match up with mine. What say you?

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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