NASTY Muslim Lady Has A SICK Surprise For Her Maid When She Doesn’t Clean To Her Standard… And She Videos it!

In what might very well be the most blatant display of disregard for human life, a video surfaced yesterday of an Ethiopian maid dangling by one arm from a window of a Kuwaiti building while begging for help.

While going about her measly job where she makes pennies a day, this poor immigrant Ethiopian woman got herself into a dire predicament of dangling from the window of a building in Kuwait. Of course, there was one person there, but she was only there to film the fall, forget helping her. Because you know, Islam, also known as “The Religion of Peace,” strikes once again.

Luckily the whole episode had a happy ending. The maid survived the fall with only a few cuts, bruises, and a broken arm. While the Muslim Women who took it upon herself to film the whole episode instead of helping the poor women was arrested.

Not sure how much of a penalty the “filmmaking” woman will have since the Maid was from Ethiopia and has no rights nor really isn’t even considered much of a person when it comes to rights in the nation of Kuwait.

Meanwhile, of course, Muslim, Globalist nations and the American Left all accuse us Americans of mistreating illegal immigrants because we don’t want them coming here illegally nor living off the American tax paying peon any longer. But I bet they will all be silent about this incident because you know, it’s their culture and we are better than that.

Of course, we are better than that, we have been subsidizing immigrants for decades now. We give them free food, schooling, healthcare and housing. While our Vets go hungry in the streets and have subhuman healthcare from the VA.

It’s time the world wakes up and sees who the true enemies of humanity are. “The Religion of Peace,” not what is the most generous and gracious nation ever known to man.

Make American Great Again!

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