Muslim Lawmaker Gets What She Deserves After Giving Terrorists Life Insurance – Look What Just Happened

Everybody loves it when an underdog rises; when a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, or someone who escaped oppression rises above it all and builds something to be proud of. Especially here in America where pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is pretty much what the country is founded on, we put a premium on people “doing what it takes” to make a better life for themselves.

Even with all of that, there are limits. Those limits would include: breaking the law, ripping the fabric of our society or stabbing the country that helped you rise up in the back. Unfortunately, with the fast and furious influx of immigrants making their way into the United States, the American dream is more like the American expectation. New residents show up with their hand stuck out, expecting for everything to be given to them. Our once revered land of opportunity is being treated like an ATM, where you just exploit all you can and then throw it away like so much garbage.

That is the case with one Minnesota lawmaker, Ilhan Omar, who comes from a humble background as an immigrant from Somalia, thinks that she should be able to work the system and get American insurances companies to pay for the sick twisted terrorists who choose to take their own life in order to try and end yours.

Via Conservative Daily Post:

In the state of Minnesota, the bill up for a vote was tied to insurance company rights after a terror attack. If passed, the bill allowed an insurance company to deny a life insurance claim for surviving beneficiaries of those who died while performing a terrorist act. This law essentially put an end to the families of terrorists making a profit from their loved one breaking the law.

The bill is in response to a current lawsuit in the state of California. In December of 2015, Syed Farook entered a holiday office party where he killed 14 people and injured 22. Both Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik died after the attack in an exchange of gunfire with police.

Before the attack at the office party, Farook made sure his $275,000 life insurance policy was up to date. Even though he died as a part of this horrible crime, his mother still attempted to collect the settlement. The insurance company declined to honor the claim and is now fighting it in court.

The support for the bill was overwhelming and came from both sides of the house. According to Democrat Debra Hilstrom, “…the goal of the Minnesota bill is to make certain that folks don’t benefit [from terrorism] and this limits the beneficiary to the premiums that were paid in. It limits the exposure for the insurance company when someone is committing an act of terrorism.”

A key supporter of the bill, Debra Anderson of the ACT for America chapter in Minnesota, stated:

‘Rep. Ilhan Omar’s vote today clearly demonstrated her allegiance to the best interests of the jihadists’ families, like in Palestine, rather than acting on the behalf of the victims of terrorists. Disturbing to say the least.”

Even though Omar was elected to represent the state of Minnesota, with a vote of 127-2 it is evident she does not represent the overall values of the state. She is technically a representative of an area dense in immigrants and does not seem tied to following the best interests of anyone beyond that group.

Yeah, I’d say so. Way to take something as awesome and beautiful as American free enterprise and make it pay for the families of terrorists, who kill our fellow Americans, to carry on living, and planning the death of more Americans. This doesn’t even pass the straight face test. If you decide to go out in a blaze of glory, killing everyone around you, nobody owes you anything but a whole lot of bad press. Not the government, not your insurance and certainly not lawmakers.

Thankfully, the backlash against Omar has been swift and strong. The United States is no longer in the business of appeasing terrorists, and if Omar is against that, she is welcome to head back to the country that she fled from and take her oppressive ideas with her. She is a great reminder that blood is always going to be thicker than water, and an immigrant who rises to power on the platform of catering to immigrants will stab an American in the back if need be.

Hopefully, her constituents and Americans around the country will continue to beat down her un-American policies until she either sees the light or packs it up and heads home. She’s supposed to be a representative for the United States citizens, not just whoever she decides she likes that day.

(Source: Conservative Daily Post)

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