Muslim At LAX Airport: “F*ck America, I Will Make Sure We Bomb You” (VIDEO)

Hey liberal media, I think you missed this one.

I get it – they’re too busy bending reality to make the Orlando massacre somehow the Republicans fault (which perhaps it is in an alternate universe). Meanwhile, they’d love to showcase moderate Muslims, and ignore any who agree with the attacker.

Just a day after the Orlando attacks, citizen journalist Tony Vera struck up a conversation with a Muslim woman who had just been detained by police. She apparently had been making public threats, prompting them to briefly take her into custody.

As Tony caught up with the woman after her initial detainment, he wished her a safe flight to which she said, “I am going to have a safe flight, but none of you’s going to have a safe sleep. I will make sure we bomb.” She also mentioned that gays and lesbians deserved to die.

She even went so far as to say that attacks brought on by members of the Islamic faith aren’t acts of terror but the will of Allah and that their god would eventually destroy America. About 2 hours later, the woman was arrested again and taken into custody. Why she was let go after the first series of threats is unclear.

H/T Bare Naked Islam

Watch below:

We live in an age where a child will be suspended from school for making a gun-shaped pop-tart but a woman making threats like this gets to board a plane with minor interference.

Welcome to Obama’s America – thank God it’s finally almost over.

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