Muslim Man Stabs K-9 Police Dog For No Reason So No-Nonsense Judge Does Something Amazing

Ever read a news article and decide that you’re really going to dislike someone for the rest of their life because they hurt another person or animal? This is one of those articles.

This is about a 22-year-old Muslim man, John Rush, who stabbed a police K-9 dog for no reason. He murdered an animal and the judge who saw his case threw the hammer down harder than Thor in a fight with Loki. The judge slammed the gavel harder than Judge Judy when she hears a child support case and the dead beat parent can barely remember the name of their child. Judge pounded the wood harder than Sammy Sosa bashing a baseball out of the park in his steroid days.

Get the hint yet?

A judge gave the dog murdering Muslim between 17 and 44 years. That’s a huge difference from one end to the other, but this man has other violent charges added on to his heartless dog killing.


Conservative Post – The charges included the murder of a K9 police dog. The ruling follows 11 additional assault charges Rush faced last December, including 4 aggravated assault charges against police officers.

When Officer Phil Lerza, the policeman who cared for Rocco, heard of the harsh sentence, he was happy with the court’s decision.

“I lost my partner from this, and he was also a family member,” Lerza said in a statement. Lerza was also stabbed in the shoulder during the incident.

Now, Rush is facing a sentence for each victim—which means 3.5 to 7 years for killing Rocco, 2 to 7.5 years for stabbing Lerza, and 2.5 to 7 years for attempting to disarm a police officer.

There’s no reason for this behavior, unless this man is trying to go to prison to get revenge on someone who’s on the inside. However, that can be done if you rob a bank or do something else – no need to harm anyone if you’re trying to get IN prison because you want to murder someone in there. If that was the case, then I can understand that.

Don’t hurt a person or animal for no reason. Nothing good will come of that. It’s a terrible thing to do and now look – the guy is in jail for hurting a dog. Was it worth it?

Is this disgusting crime is a result of living under an uncivilized Muslim religion?

Real men don’t kill dogs, they love them.

Muslim men treat women and dogs the same.

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