MODERATE ISLAM: 80-Year-Old Muslim Marries…12-Year-Old Girl, Then The Unthinkable Happens

If this video is legit, then what you’re seeing is an 80-year-old who just forced a 12-year-old to marry him.

That means when he was 12, she was -68 years old. In fact, her grandmother may not have even been born yet.

Most guys are a few years older than their wives, but not 68 years older.

Most guys don’t have to force a woman to marry them either. We’re lucky when a girl says yes because that means they’re willing to tolerate our awesomeness for an eternity.

Now if this sick video is truly legit, then people need to shut up with their stupid “Islamophobia” nonsense. It’s not a phobia when these people are doing sick things like this. Stop being liberals and start being intelligent for once.

These people are sick. Wake the f*ck up!

LouderwithCrowder: I mean, there’s no way this is legit, right? It would be Islamophobic (or something) to imply an 80-year-old Muslim man would take a 12-year-old sex slave as his lofty wedded bride. Because according to all things left, Islam is both “modern” and the “religion of peace,” not taking to barbaric practices at all. They’re, like, super advanced and stuff. Muslims wouldn’t dare partake in something so backward as a geriatric creeper bedding a tween. Therefore this must be a rehearsal of “Abdul and Abidah’s Wedding” before it’s Religious Freedom Tour across American college campuses.

The extremists follow a sick religion with disgusting beliefs.

Hey Muslim girls, where are you? Start cutting some balls off and you won’t have this problem. You’re just as bad, you oppressed pieces of crap who dress like garbage bags and watch your daughters get raped by 80-year-olds.

I know there are Muslims in America who don’t believe in this nonsense. Thank you for not being part of the extremist pedophile crowd. There’s what, seven of you who aren’t like this?

If you’re a good American citizen Muslim reading this, then please stand with us against the nasty stuff. Stand up and fight these people who are making you look bad.


We need to make sure that everyone in America stands up against this terrible behavior and kicks the ass of every liberal who screams about “Islamophobia” – because this disgusting child abuse has to stop.

If you’re forcing young girls into marriage, then you should have your balls cut off and fed to a python like they’re some chicken eggs. If you’re a Muslim girl who lets this happen, then you’re just as bad and deserve an acid washed face.

Bring back the witch-hunts! Let’s cut some balls off and wash the women in acid. Anyone who lets this happen to a child is a level of scum that hasn’t been reached before.

And to the Muslim pigs who marry kids….

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