MUSLIM Migrant Beats 22-Yr Democrat; Thanks To Muslims Voting By Religion, No American Flags And No English!

Fact: The number of registered Muslim voters has increased 324,000 since our last Presidential election in 2012.

The truth of the matter, as long as the State Department continues to create both small and large communities here in America, we can bet on seeing more and more of these kind of increases.

Since we’re on the subject of America, here’s a question for you… did you see an American flag anywhere in the room during Ilhan Omar’s acceptance speech that she delivered?


Do you believe that after everything that has happened and is still happening… that ‘Sharia Law’ in America is still an asinine idea?

The jobs of two veteran Democratic politicians have been outsourced to a couple of young immigrants. The two democrats who lost their jobs to these immigrants are both experienced and well established …liberal members of the state’s version of the Democratic party. They are 22-term Re. Phyllis Kahn and 10-term Re-. Joe Mullery.

On August 9th, both were beaten in state primaries by the two NEW political newcomers I spoke up earlier. Somoli-born, hijab-wearing Ilhan Omar and Thailand born, Fue Lee.

It was Ilhan Omar’s website that helped her reach out to the immigrant Somalis, attributing to her win.

“More than 250 volunteers and 450 individual donors supported Ilhan’s campaign. ‘I am so proud that the majority of contributions to my campaign are from members of the Somali community who believe in my leadership,’” the site said. Somalis in other states supported her, including Washington state and Ohio.

Get a load of her speech…what do you think?

For those who have been paying attention, none of this should be a surprise. The terrifying happenings of today and those to come in the future have in fact been social engineered for a very long time for this moment. It is Obama and the Democrat Party who has had the job of finalizing and carrying out many final blows. With ILLEGAL aliens and Muslim INSURGENTS with an ink pen, bypassing Congress and Senate… left and right. Without a care.

Also in ILLEGAL immigration policies, open borders, amnesty and asylum and busing ILLEGAL immigrants over the borers for their final plan to be successful.

What plan?

Well why would they strategically be dumping “ILLEGAL” immigrants in voting districts and Congressional voting districts?


Democrats have always been shady cheats.

It’s disgusting.

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