Muslim Migrant From Kenya Identified As VA Mass Shooter! MEDIA BLACKOUT!

After an active shooting situation in the FreightCar American building two people have been pronounced dead. The building is in Roanoke, Virginia and the event took place this past Tuesday morning. Investigators have been able to identify the shooter as 53 year old Getachew Fekede who emigrated to the United States from Kenya back in 2011 by means of a refugee program.

Fekede resided in the 2000th block of Lynn Avenue, SW in the city. He was able to get to the scene of the crime on Tuesday by biking prior to the shooting. Emergency personal were called at 6:08 A.M. Fekede is an former employee of FreightCar America which is likely how he chose the scene. He finished working there in March of this year when he stopped coming to work.

By 11:45 A.M. police personal had completed there sweeps of the area looking for him as well as other victims. Facebook updates show that the police found nothing suspicious. No officers were injured or involved in the shooting. Eye witnesses locked themselves inside the room and reported the crime to the police. One employee was killed and the others identity has not been released

Fekede was found dead at the scene from what appeared to be a suicide. All streets were blocked off around the area and that includes 8 1/2 Street and Tazewell. Norfolk Souther and Freight Car America were evacuated. Safer City Roanoke of Facebook has said that there is zero indicated that their is further threat to the surrounding area.

Police have told the media in a press conferences that Fekede appears to be the sole perpetrator and that there is zero evidence of other suspects involved. It appears this guy was a lone wolf, he had no accomplices. Three patients from the scene of the crime went to the Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. They all had gun related injuries.

One person is in good condition, one is in fair condition and the other in serious. FreightCar America said this in a statement about the shooting,

FreightCar America extends its deepest condolences to everyone affected by the tragic events that occurred at our Roanoke facility earlier this morning. We are working closely with federal, state, and local law enforcement to determine what happened and ensure that our employees are safe. Due to the ongoing nature of this investigation, and out of respect for our employees and their families, we cannot provide specific information about the victims at this time.”

It is so sad that yet another instance of gun violence and would be terrorism has occurred. While the details of the case are not completely known yet some facts are clear. While liberals like us believing that there is no harm in these refugee programs this violent and terribly sad event has shown us that that is not true in the least bit.

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