Muslim Migrant Kicked Off Plane Alleges Discrimination, Then the TRUTH Comes Out

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It was a story tailor-made for the political correctness brigade: a 26-year-old Iraqi Muslim immigrant and UC Berkeley student, kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight just for speaking Arabic.

However, it quickly became apparent that something was wrong with his story — namely, that the person who reported him was an Arabic speaker and that his speech was not as innocent as he led America to believe.

According to The Daily Californian, the incident occurred on April 6 as Khairuldeen Makhzoomi was returning to Oakland from Los Angeles. He claimed that as he was waiting for the flight to take off, he was speaking to his uncle. According to him, he ended the conversation with “inshallah,” which means “if god is willing.”

That’s when he says he noticed another passenger looking at him.

“She kept staring at me and I didn’t know what was wrong,” he said. “Then I realized what was happening and I just was thinking ‘I hope she’s not reporting me.’”

She was, and as he tells it, she confused “inshallah” with “shahid,” a word meaning martyr. After a discussion, he was asked to leave the plane. That’s when the Southwest Airlines crew called the FBI.

“At that moment I couldn’t feel anything,” Makhzoomi said. “I was so afraid. I was so scared.”

He was then questioned and searched by the FBI, which included asking him if he had a knife anywhere.

“That is when I couldn’t handle it and my eyes began to water,” he said. “The way they searched me and the dogs, the officers, people were watching me and the humiliation made me so afraid because it brought all of these memories back to me. I escaped Iraq because of the war, because of Saddam and what he did to my father. When I got home, I just slept for a few days.”

However, the incident isn’t quite what it seemed. reported that the person who reported Makhzoomi was a native Arabic speaker who also said he was discussing the Islamic State group, according to Mad World News.

This explanation seems to make a little more sense than Makhzoomi’s, which basically relies on some sort of evil Islamophobe knowing the word “shahid” means martyr, but not knowing the difference between “shahid” and “inshallah.”

Nevertheless, Makhzoomi parroted the usual social justice warrior line whenever one of them feels they’ve been wronged.

“I don’t want money,” he said. “I don’t care about that. All I want is an apology.”

Unfortunately for him, he’s not going to get it. Southwest said in a statement that he was removed after he made “potentially threatening comments.”

“We wouldn’t remove passengers from flights without a collaborative decision rooted in established procedures,” the statement read. “We regret any less than positive experience onboard our aircraft … Southwest neither condones nor tolerates discrimination of any kind.”

Makhzoomi probably never thought that part of the story was going to get out. Unfortunately for him, it did — and all it took was one Arabic speaker who saw (or heard) something and said something.

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