THEY CAN’T ASSIMILATE: Pervert Muslim Migrant Thought He Could Molest An 8-Year-Old Girl In Public!

News flash – it’s NOT OK to rub an 8-year-old in a sexual manner.

But apparently that’s not true if you’re a pervert Muslim Migrant who sees a Mother distracted, then swoops in trying to woo a little girl with your hands.

That’s just sick and disgusting, which is exactly what this depraved pervert named Adnan Maqsood did and got caught.


Warning – the following quote is extremely disturbing.

Christian Fight Back – Adnan Maqsood, 34, attacked her by stroking her hands, face and body as she sat at a table waiting for her mother to be served.

The youngster told police he touched the front of her body like he was “bathing” her or “rubbing cream” on her.

Maqsood was initially hunted on suspicion of sexual assault but was cleared of that by a jury at Leeds Crown Court.

He admitted a lesser offence of common assault. Police launched a manhunt for Maqsood after the attack at about 3.30pm on February 12 in Leeds city centre.

He denied there was anything sexual behind what he had done and said he was just being friendly as he was a “talkative person”.

He admitted in hindsight what he had done was wrong. Kate Batty, for Maqsood, said her client was suffering from mental health problems.

Mental health problems? Is that lawyer serious? The only mental health problem I see is the one he potentially caused a little girl as he tried to hit on her like a sick pedophile.

What a nasty guy and a nasty lawyer.

And to find out that the guy was in trouble for stalking an older women for TWO YEARS just tops off this cake with the icing of a lifetime criminal.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with the Muslim religion, but every time I read or write about it, it’s always something rather disturbing.

You see crazy videos of Muslim guys in their 30’s marrying some 9-year-old girl. Or you’ll see headline news of Muslims gang-raping women in France and Germany where the refugee crisis has literally made their towns look like disaster areas and tent-cities filled with scummy people looking for a handout.

If 10 Muslims can gather together to rape a German girl, then why can’t they put their heads together and figure out how to make their hometown better? Why do they keep running from town to town causing chaos?

They don’t assimilate to any culture where they go, and unfortunately, the whole “marry a 9-year-old” thing doesn’t work anywhere else.

If you’re a Muslim refugee, then you need to act right and adapt to the culture around you.

Look at all the illegal Mexicans in America who work super hard and don’t cause any trouble. There’s LOTS of them who fly under the radar and actually produce for society.  Sure, there’s a few bad ones here or there, but you don’t hear about them all too often.

Why can’t the Muslim refugees be more like that?

Why can’t they adapt to the culture of their new land, be grateful, and be productive?

I don’t get their lust for crime and thinking their religion is superior.

Their women still dress in head to toe garbs and the men treat the women like dirt.

Can’t say that’s very civilized or superior, can you?

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