OUTRAGEOUS! Muslim Migrant Who Raped Young Girl Faced The Judge And Said Three Words – Now He’s a Free Man!

You’ve probably seen signs at conservative places of business that says something to the effect of “this is America, speak English.” This may seem like a rude welcome to our legal immigrants, but in reality, have a seamless way of communicating across the country is the best thing for all of us.

It might really be rude to the illegal immigrants, but we’re ok with that, they were rude when they entered illegally.

This standard isn’t just for ease of communication, but for our safety as well. If a person is unable to communicate with those around them, they’re not able to properly ask for help when they need it. And if we start making allowances for those who plan to come into our country but don’t want to learn the speak the national language, we are allowing them the opportunity to break the law and have an out. An out that is already being exercised to the detriment of innocent people, in other countries.

In Sweden, a Muslim immigrant is taking advantage of their preference to appease the immigrant community. This nasty, entitled immigrant who apparently can’t speak the language of those around him, the national language of the country that he immigrated to, and wants to stay in. This disgusting individual brutally raped a 14-year-old, but he’s going to get off because apparently, he can’t understand the word “no.” And no, this isn’t a joke, far from it.

Via Infowars:

Despite his 14-year-old victim repeatedly saying “no,” a Muslim migrant won’t face rape charges because the court claimed he had “difficulties in interpreting” the word “no.”

The Hovrätten (royal court) of Western Sweden said the Iraqi, who had former convictions, had “suspected ADHD,” which, according to the court, gave him “difficulties in interpreting and interacting with other people as well as recognizing the standards he is expected to live up to.”

This despite video evidence of the girl resisting and repeatedly saying “no” during the sexual assault – and despite evidence indicating the girl was blackmailed by the migrant who reportedly threatened to harass her family.

A video showed how the 14-year-old girl says “no” repeatedly during the intercourse. Nevertheless, the offender is now unexpectedly released from the rape charge.

Ok, so apparently he understood the language enough to have some interactions with the girl. He was also fluent enough to communicate threats aimed at the poor girl’s family. There is video evidence of this, but still, he’s sticking to his story that he can’t understand the word “no.”

(Info wars) The court sided with the migrant even further by suggesting the girl’s repeated “no” only pertained to forced anal sex, which the judges somehow did not consider rape.

“Abdul will instead be sentenced for protection and will be included in the Freedom Relation and Relationship Program ROS, instead pay 60,000 SEK [roughly $6,650 US dollars] to the girl in compensation,” reportedSwedish media, who also said Abdul is still a citizen of Iraq.

The incident occurred on Oct. 4, 2016 in Gothenburg at Abdul’s own apartment, but it wasn’t reported how the girl got there in the first place.

Another Muslim migrant charged with rape in Sweden two months ago was similarly slapped on the wrist by the court after anally raping a 13-year-old girl.

The Syrian migrant was only sentenced to two months in jail and ordered to pay the equivalent of $2800 to the victim.

He received a light sentence partially because the court accepted his “Syrian papers” claiming he was a minor despite Swedish paperwork stating otherwise.

“The then-17-year-old man, who since turned 18, pulled a 13-year-old girl on one of the school’s toilets, locked the door and then raped her,” reported the Swedish newspaper Expressen.  “During the trial, the convicted rapist’s age has been a major issue.”

“His personal shows that he was born in 1998, and was 18 years old when the crimes were committed, but by his own admission he was born in 1999.”

And I’m sure that a rapist wouldn’t lie to get a lighter sentence, right? What is the justice system in Sweden afraid of? Could it be that these non-fluent immigrants have found their way around the language enough to threaten more than just their victim’s families? Maybe it’s not hard to find out how to threaten the judge’s families as well. It’s not like the Muslim population is in any kind of condition to be tamed at this point. Also, I hope someone has asked these if they would feel like what was done to this girl feels like rape if it’s done to them, or someone in their family?

And I would just like to point out, I don’t speak any language other than English fluently, but I can understand the word “no” in at least 4 other languages. Imagine how much more if I’d ever lived anywhere else. Wake up people, this is an issue of the morals of their immigrants, not a communication issue.

(Source: Info Wars)

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