Muslim Migrant Tried To Take Entire Midwest Store Hostage – Gets Nasty Surprise Right Outside

Despite the BS that liberals continue to spew about our president, Trump is doing wonderful things for America as he keeps his campaign promise to “make America safe” and “make America great again.” Not only are illegal immigrants scared to enter our country as immigration at our Southern Border is down by 60%, but ISIS has been running scared in recent months, as our Commander-in-Chief continues to obliterate terrorist vermin off the face off planet earth with continued air strikes. Now one Muslim terrorist who tried to forcibly convert Indiana residents to Islam last week is getting the full wrath of President Trump, as the terrorist learns the hard way what happens when you screw with Americans.

Several days ago, we brought you the horrifying story of how Muslim migrant Khalid Sulaiman Bilal was conducting Sharia patrols in Muncie, Indiana, where he showed up at a local Goodwill store and began trying to forcibly convert shoppers and employees to Islam by choking and strangling people while screaming “Allahu Akbar.” Luckily, no one was killed by Bibal during the attack, but the would-be terror attack was so outrageous that it caught the attention of Trump’s Homeland Security, who wasted no time investigating the man’s background and ties to radical Islam. Fox 59 reports:

“Police reports and documents filed by Homeland Security say people inside the store were threatened March 25 by a man who ‘forcefully’ tried to convert them to Islam. A store clerk also was choked and threatened with death if she didn’t convert.”

“Bilal allegedly entered the store and began forcefully trying to convert people to Islam while claiming to be the Prophet Muhammad and trying to place his hands on them. He struck and strangled an employee and told her he would kill her if she didn’t convert to Islam. He attacked responding officers, breaking one of the officer’s hands and repeatedly kicking the other. During the scuffle, Bilal yelled “allahu akbar,” a phrase meaning “God is greater” and commonly used by Islamic radicals before a violent attack, according to an affidavit filed by Homeland Security.”

President Trump wasn’t about to take any chances with the terrorist vermin, and following a thorough investigation by his Homeland Security officials, Bibal is now packing his crap with a one-way ticket straight home to his third-world country crap hole. Creeping Sharia reported:

After a Department of Homeland Security investigation, Bilal was deported.

Upon his deportation, Eric Hoffman, the Delaware County chief deputy prosecutor, recommended that the battery charges and other charges filed against Bilal be dropped because “the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has deported the defendant back to his native country of Saudi Arabia.”

Thank God that we finally have a president in office who isn’t a Muslim-pandering moron like Obama was. While President Trump is doing everything in his power to rid America of this type of filth, what’s alarming is that liberals are doing everything they can to further the mission of Muslims, where a liberal mayor in Minnesota over the past week installed a Nazi-type hotline where Muslims can report and turn in Americans who make disparaging comments about Islam, in a move that is reminiscent of 1930’s Germany. We previously reported:

Mayor Betsy Hodges who has set up a hotline so Muslims can report on Americans who “harass them”

According to Minneopolis’ local newspaper, the Star-Tribune, the hotline was set up as a way to target Trump supporters, who Muslims believe are the group of people most likely to “harass them.” The Star Tribune reported:

The city of Minneapolis has set up a hot line for residents to report hate-crime incidents and other acts of intolerance.

The service, operated through the city’s 311 help line, is aimed to aid targets of any “harassing behaviors motivated by prejudice,” according to a city news release issued on Monday.

The announcement comes amid signs of a recent surge of such incidents affecting Muslims and Jews across the country, many of which go unreported.

The city’s Department of Civil rights along with mayor is leading the charge for this government-enforced fascism, as this new hotline will now encourage citizens to turn in their neighbors for holding opinions deemed forbidden by the state. This hotline flies right in the face of our United States Constitution, where it goes to the heart of denying American citizens their inalienable rights of the First Amendment, which governments CAN NOT DO.

Of course the rabid liberals controlling the city have little regard for the Constitution or the rights of Americans, as they are using their position to establish a soft version of anti-blasphemy laws. “In no uncertain terms, hate-motivated speech and actions have no place in Minneapolis nor will they be tolerated,” Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights Director Velma Korbel wrote in a statement posted on the city’s website.

The Department echoes the unconstitutional sentiments of Minneapolis’ mayor, Betsy Hodges, who went on to blast President Trump, pushing her insane narrative of there being an epidemic of bigotry and hate in our country since he got into office. She stated:

“I will not compromise the public safety of the people of Minneapolis to satisfy Trump’s desire to put politics before public safety. Minneapolis is being built and strengthened by people from all over the world and I am grateful for their commitment to our city. I stand with them today and will continue to take that stand as the President-elect prepares to take office.”

It’s truly alarming what’s taking place right underneath our noses. Hopefully President Trump’s crackdown on Muslim terrorists will be enough to stop the continual insanity of liberals, who for reasons that defy all human logic, have an ongoing love affair with radical Muslim terrorists.

TRIGGER WARNING: Prissy Holly is a conservative journalist, professional shi*t starter and disgruntled military vet who is very outspoken and doesn’t give a flying crap about your feelings when exposing the truth. If you want your daily dose of news delivered in the most politically incorrect way as possible, make sure you follow Prissy!

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