MUSLIM MIGRANTS Are Taught A Tough Lesson By a John Deere and a Local Farmer! VIDEO!

A farmer is making waves after Muslim migrants erected a tent city on his land. Depending solely on his land for his livelihood, the man reached his boiling point. Furious with the leeches invading his property, he took drastic action and fired up his tractor. Now, it’s safe to say he made it crystal clear that he isn’t going to take it anymore.


Greek farmer plowing his land.

Lazarous Oulis, a simple Greek farmer, became fed up with the tent city erected by Muslim migrants on his field. Oulis had originally allowed the migrants to set up on a small part of his land, but the tent city continued to grow as the number of Muslim migrants reached around 500,000 in Idomeni.

Oulis was promised by different refugee organizations that he would have help clearing his land, but when these organizations reneged on the agreement, Oulis lost it. That’s when he got on his tractor and let it rip.

One refugee, who had his tent destroyed, was fed up with Oulis and didn’t understand why he had to plow the land while they were occupying his property. It’s worth noting that Oulis volunteered to a few acres to refugees, on the condition various help organizations would help him clear the property eventually. [via Daily Caller]

Later, the police show up, making Oulis stop because it is a danger to children. The farmer is not unsympathetic to the plight of the migrants, but he needs to work his land.Oulis stated, “I need to plow my field. Not somebody else’s field, mine! I have a business with 70-80 calves, I want to produce, feed them, because, financially, I can’t take this anymore.”

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