Muslim Migrants ATTACK Refugee Center Workers After Their Weekly ‘Entitlement’ Payment is Delayed

via Pam Geller: The payments were delayed because many of these migrants had “violated house rules.” One can only imagine ……

Paying off the hordes with jizya payments is bad enough. But with multiple names, multiple papers, “there are indications that some men were wrongly drawing several asylum benefits – payments.” And thousands more pour into Europe daily. And anyone who opposes the invasion is a “hater” and “islamophobe.” The fact is, anyone who opposes this hostile invasion is a rational human being.

Much thanks to Thomas for translating this story from these articles: The Standard, HLN, and

(this translation based on article in ‘De Standaard”:

German police arrest 20 persons after fight in asylum shelter:

German police have arrested 20 asylum seekers after a fight between residents and staff of a refugee-shelter in Burscheid ( North Rhine- Westphalia ) . The quarrel had arisen after workers decided to postpone the payment of the weekly pocket money, because some residents had repeatedly violated the house rules, police said Thursday.

Eventually, 20 young men grabbed their stuff and wanted to leave the residence to ” collect ” the money in another refugee camp. Employees of the residence alerted the police .

When the officers checked the group , they found that most of the men aged between 20 and 35 carried different certificates as an asylum seeker and possessed different names. One person had already recieved orders to leave the country . There are indications that some men were wrongly drawing several asylum benefits – payments.

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