Muslim Migrants Were “Having a Bad Day” So They Decided To Rape A Woman

Muslim migrants recently raped a woman at the Munich Botanical Garden in Germany. This past Friday asylum seekers dragged an unsuspecting German woman to a flower bed at a Berlin park. They proceeded to savagely gang rape her. She was a 56-year old woman.

The victim asked the men to stop shouting as she was trying to take a nap in the park. Both men were intoxicated from drinking whiskey and clearly enraged by the idea of a woman telling a man to do something. Not surprising considering in Islam men exercise complete and total control over every aspect of a woman’s life.


Apparently these migrants didn’t realize they were in Germany where it’s a democracy and women and men get equal protection under the law.

Police arrested the suspects months after the attack and they questioned the migrants as to why they committed the gang rape. Their answer was disgusting,

“We were having a bad day,” they said,

The suspects were identified as 23-year old Filmon K. and 26-year old Habtom E. Both are migrants from the African country of Eritrea.

Express reports,

A criminal case against the [attackers] was adjourned, however, after the victim suffered panic attacks. She had to telephone the court to postpone her appearance in which she was expected to give evidence in front of the two men.”

When tragedies like these happen it makes perfect sense why the United Kingdom wants to leave the European Union. The European Union forces unfair immigration policy with refugees on them and aside from tainting their culture their citizens are at risk from barbarians crossing their borders.

Now this middle aged woman is paying the price of these unacceptable globalist policies. Like the United Kingdom, Germany should stand up and say that they will not take it anymore.

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