Muslim Migrants BLOCK Traffic Screaming ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’ – Watch What Happens Next…

Want to see why President Trump’s travel ban is so important? No need to look any further than to observe what members of “The Religion of Peace” did in the city of Clichy France when French officials closed down a temporary Mosque which was slated to be closed two years earlier.

There is no obligation for ANY nation to cater to these people nor even take them in. So what do they do once they are welcomed in? They protest, impose their lack of values and block traffic so law abiding French citizens can’t go about their daily business.

Of course, they do all this while reciting their favorite battle cry “ALLAHU AKBAR!”

As reported by The Daily Pundit:

“The mood was extremely taut during the police operation which saw members of the mosque removed from the building, the doors of which were later soldered shut. As news of the eviction spread, crowds re-assembled in front Clichy’s town hall to demand a meeting with the mayor, their protest overflowing onto the main thoroughfare, Boulevard Jean Jaurès, blocking afternoon traffic.

The short-term lease of a public building had been agreed with local Islamic associations in 2013 by Clichy’s then socialist mayor. Two years later, in 2015, the newly elected center-right mayor announced the termination of the lease for the opening of a planned media library, setting the stage for the legal wranglings culminating in this week’s eviction.”

If not for President Trump these scenes could very well be any small city in American’s Heartland, which the American Left despises.

Although they had clearly agreed to the lease terms in 2013 the “Islamic association” is calling for this same action to be taken everyday at 4pm . And since they are above our western laws, and they don’t have any need to work, we know they will follow through with their threat.

Hey, at least this threat doesn’t involve beheading anyone, yet.

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