Muslim Migrants BURN DOWN Asylum Center After Not Receiving Ramadan Wake-up Call

A fire took place at a German refugee center after migrants set it in flames over a religious dispute. The Messe Düsseldorf conference centre has struggled with racial conflicts for some time. Fights have broken out between Arabs and minority Afghans who support the Iranian German facility workers.

In Islam Ramadan takes place for one month. Muslims must fast between sunrise and sunset and refrain from sexual activity and drinking. The ideology behind it is that it brings Muslims closer to the prophet Muhammad and Allah.

Several Moroccan migrants have attested that Iranian German officials didn’t wake up the Afghans for Ramadan breakfast which enraged the migrants. It was in retaliation for a long running dispute. Three weeks prior a similar incident occurred where a resident set fire to his bed because he didn’t like the accommodations of the facility.

Some migrants stated the fire was set because they simply wanted to get away from the Iranian German guards. Last time I checked their were more non violent ways to get away from someone than becoming an arsonist.

Two arrests were initially made but in the end six were arrested and charged. They were of Moroccan, Algerian, Syrian and Iraqi nationality.

Racial conflicts have existed for some time because migrants are sometimes placed in jobs at refugee centers in part to quell the considerable language barrier. Unfortunately, migrants are prone to discriminating against certain groups of people based on religious affiliation. Sometimes placing a certain group of migrants in positions of power over another which causes racial tension. It has led to violence and abuse.

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