George Clooney is PISSED OFF after Calling For More Muslim Refugees, He Just Got NASTY Surprise When He Walks Out His Front Door!!

Danya Feltzin

It’s always entertaining when celebrities make asinine political statements while living untouched from reality in their ivory towers. George Clooney is one of the liberal loons speaking out against President Trump’s ban on migrants, labeling him a xenophobic racist. But ironically after arriving in his extravagant $9.8 million vacation home, he would be greeted by a nice little surprise waiting at his front door.


Clooney has spent months along side his Muslim wife Amal Clooney, bashing Americans for not opening their arms up wide for more “war-torn” refugees, becoming even more vocal after President Trump’s recent migrant ban. But when they arrived to their vacation home at the opulent Lake Como Italian resort, they found their swanky vacation spot occupied by a huge group of migrants, the very people they spent so much time advocating for.


As The Daily Mail reports:

Italy’s celebrity hideaway Lake Como has become home to hundreds of migrants after the nearby crossing into Switzerland was blocked by Swiss officials.

Lake Como has long served as a tranquil paradise for the rich and famous, including George Clooney and Madonna.

But the town’s railway station has been transformed into a makeshift camp, where the families live surrounded by discarded clothes, shoes, food containers and even rats.


Tensions are mounting in the luxury resort with more tents springing up every hour as more people arrive from Milan on their journey to northern Europe.

The massive influx of these refugees comes in the wake of Switzerland shutting down their souther border. Now these asylum seekers have begun infiltrating into Italy, transforming the once celebrity utopia to a makeshift camp, destroying the once beautiful city.



Now transformed into a tent city reminiscent of something you’d witness in a third world country, I wonder if Clooney and his Muslim wife are now changing their tune, or if it their bleeding hearts are still dripping with empathy?


It’s always entertaining to witness the hypocrisy of the left, as they always shout from the roof tops delivering ridiculous statements, but when it comes time to practice what they preach, they always fall short. I guarantee it won’t be Clooney or any other Hollywood celebs opening the gates of their ivory towers inviting these people in. It will be the local churches and officials burdened by these people, taking on the burden that these celebrity elites will continue to advocate for.

H/T [US Herald Danya Feltzin]

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