Muslim Migrants Keep Coming On Family’s Land, Pissed Off Son Takes Matters Into His Own Hands When Officials Wouldn’t

Yet another story of illegal immigrants overstepping their bounds has hit the media. 36-year-old Chris Walsh complained to the media when illegal immigrants tried building a traveling site right near his parents home in Wickford, Essex, England. Walsh and his family are not pleased.

Walsh was displeased when police officers refused to help as illegal travelers used six hundred tons of rubble and used thirty lorries to lay the base for a new home site. It is right near the green belt land.

His parents belonged the Hovefields Residents Association who begged and pleaded with the city council to expressly prohibit the authority given to the travelers to build their new home. The homes have been called “Dale Farm Mark 2.”

This is the name of a similar site which was demolished in 2011 after a near ten year battle over it. Walsh who is a doctor wrote the following to a newspaper,

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen, highly concerned son, and honest, hardworking taxpayer regarding the atrocious treatment of my pensioner parents, and their settled resident neighbours at the hands of Basildon Council and their (from what I can garner) hopelessly inept planning team. I am sorely tempted to take a dumper truck full of hardcore and deposit it outside of Basildon Council’s offices. I wonder what your response to that would be? Would you stand by and allow it as you are doing in this case?

Now there are approximately fifteen fully legal traveler pitches set up so far. They are sizably large bungalows. However, twenty-five were destroyed for being illegally created between the five-year span of 2005-2010.

But the illegal immigrants have been trying to reclaim pitching area where previously demolished land was. They have no right to do so, though. As a result, five new pitches were created after an injunction to stop them was sent out by the high court.

Walsh said,

The area is subject to massive illegal development. Travelers have started to re-develop land that is subject both to previous eviction, and current injunction to prevent further development. As of this morning, fence posts and plots are being erected on land north of Hovefield Drive. I will not allow this to happen to my parents and their neighbours again. It took Basildon Council the better part of 11 years to clear this site of unapproved developments.”

Phil Turner who is the head of the council said the following on the issue,

Basildon Council completely shares the frustrations and concerns of residents in the Hovefields area about recent incidents of unauthorised development. We want to assure residents that the council is using every legal option available to it in an attempt to prevent planning breaches.

We have already taken strong enforcement action and used the resources and powers available to us as a local planning authority to their fullest extent. However, there are limits to these powers, and while we would like to be able to do more – and do it more quickly – we have to follow proper process if we want to secure a lasting solution. We are calling on central Government to put the law right to give us emergency powers to take immediate action to stop the misery being suffered by residents and stop our thin resources being stretched.”

This speaks to a much larger issue. People are sick and tired of their homes and their communities being overrun with migrants and immigrants. They are losing control and their local law enforcement isn’t even helping them. Of course people are upset.

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