Muslim Migrants Now Being Housed in FIVE-STAR Spree Hotel in Germany (VIDEO)


Don’t worry, they didn’t leave their hookahs at home.

From Pam Gellar: This is obscene.

The owner of the Spree Hotel has angered many in the small community of Bauzen, as he now receives state monies to house refugees. His hotel had once been a premier location some 20 years ago, and recently he spent 300,000€ to renovate. Now he has a one-year contract with the government to house refugees from all over the world.

In addition to security fence and surveillance cameras, the hotel now requires 24-hour police protection.

We see this in America as well — religious groups whose business is “refugee resettlement.”

Citizens of the town are upset. There was already a high percentage of unemployed in the mostly industrial region…and the vacation camping park next door is worried. Last summer, 30,000 stayed at the camping park.
Clearly this will kill tourism, but frankly, that’s the least of their problems.


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