Muslim Migrants Offended By Woman And Her Dog Surround Her And Brutally Attack Them! (VIDEO)

Here’s a perfect of why the intelligent American people don’t want any Muslim migrants to enter our country.

I want you to read the next sentence out loud and very slow.

Muslim migrants in Denmark savagely beat a woman AND her dog because the dog was offensive to them.

muslim attack

Now ask yourself, do you want Muslim migrants in your city? I know I don’t. The reason I don’t want them anywhere near our country is because they have not become civilized yet. They don’t know how to act in regards to other people. They’re still prehistoric savages and they don’t realize that civilization has come a LONG way since dinosaurs or big bangs or whatever created the Earth and taught us how to make fire (and burn down a CVS).

Most of us know how to act around other people. I see Muslim people and I think “that’s cool, they enjoy their religion” and it’s OK to believe in something different than what I believe in. Everyone is allowed to believe what they want. If you want to believe in talking snakes and chat with Bill Maher, that’s cool. If you want to believe an obese kitty created all of creation, then that’s cool too. None of it has an impact on my life.

But that’s what the Muslims don’t understand. They haven’t matured as a people yet. They’re not accepting of others and that’s why they need to stay where they come from, fight their own battles, and deal with their own problems.

If Muslims were nice people, then our country would have open arms for them. But the sad truth is that every other day there’s some nonsense crime that involves Muslim refugees gang raping, beating, touching each others privates, or whatever crimes they’re doing at that moment – like beating this woman AND her dog.

It’s not OK and no one needs extra crime in their country.

We have plenty of crime in America and we don’t need any more.

And, anyone who doesn’t like dogs shouldn’t be let in America anyway. That’s just not American enough to be here.

Here’s the woman and her story. You’ll have to read the words on the screen. Is this what we want from Muslims?

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