Muslim Migrants RIOT In Ohio – Demand Free Housing While Our Veterans Sleep On Park Benches

When you lend your hand to others often they take advantage and ask for more. More often than not they simply take. As the saying goes, give them an inch and they take a mile. This is certainly the case when it comes to the generosity of our country. We have opened our doors to refugees and those fleeing persecution and we have been slapped in the face.

Incentivizing an entitlement lifestyle is what will ultimately lead to our ruin. Who wants to work hard to get a lot out of life when they can be handed everything while sitting around and doing nothing?

Back in 2012, dozens of refugees from Somalia were maced after protesting they were not getting free housing anymore. This is no joke. And it seems this will be happening again. In reality, their protests were far closer to riots and law enforcement had to quell the problem before it permeated elsewhere.

What angers people the most is that there are American citizens struggling with homelessness. We have military veterans on the streets struggling with alcoholism, disease, poor healthy and homelessness too. We are barely able to properly take care of our own people yet those who are not even from here are demanding more.

Those who fought and died for our country should be taken care of before we try and help others. These protestors’ riots fall on deaf ears. Especially in this new administration which will have zero tolerance for their violent shenanigans.

In the words of our President, emigrating to America is a privilege and not a right. It is for the best of the best. Not for everyone, and that is why we remain the greatest country on this earth.

This wildly self-righteous and arrogant sense of self-entitlement from these Somali refugees is baffling and ridiculous, to say the least.

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