Obama’s Muslim Migrants Beat White Kid Unconscious! What’s Even More Shocking Is How Liberals Replied

James Toolan didn’t expect to break multiple bones in his face on his first trip to Manchester. He sure got quite a taste of their expanding Muslim refugee immigration problem when a group of Muslim thugs attacked Toolan and left him unconscious on the street.

You can see in the video that James Toolan and two friends are waiting for a taxi, but then they’re surrounded by a group of eight Muslim thugs. What happened next was brutal as they violently beat the teenager to the ground. Toolan tries to get into a nearby hotel to get help, but one of the psychopath thugs comes back to sucker punch him and knock him unconscious outside on the cold hard concrete.

Liberals keep begging for America to accept the Muslim refugees, but I don’t know how anyone can be accepting of them after seeing so many examples of violent behavior.

Here’s the sick thing. Not ONE liberal has come forward to demand justice or a hate crime investigation like they do when Muslims falsely claim they have been discriminated against, or been a victim of a “hate” crime.

If we were bombarded by peaceful demonstrative videos of Muslims donating to the poor, planting trees, helping strangers, and doing good Samaritan things, then it would be easy to be more accepting.

Instead, we get beheading videos, terror attacks, and violent gang attacks like this. If you’re a liberal, then let these folks live in your house for a week. Your head will be mounted above your fireplace like a 12 point buck.

Daily Mail – Eighteen-year-old James Toolan was waiting with two friends at a taxi rank on Portland Street in Manchester city centre at around 3.50am on Friday 16 December 2016, when they were approached by a group of eight men.

Sickening footage shows Toolan being attacked and dragged along the street by his feet away from the group before being punched in the face several times and left unconscious outside the Mercure Hotel.

Toolan, sustained serious facial injuries and broke three bones in his cheek in the savage beating.

PC Gareth Gardiner from GMP’s City of Manchester Team said: ‘This was a totally unprovoked and sickening attack on a young lad who had been at a concert in the city centre with his two friends.

‘This was their first visit to Manchester City Centre and this is the memory they will be left with.

This is the behavior we see way too often from the Muslim community. Gang rape, violent beatings, and nonsense crimes showing a failure to assimilate and civilize their people.

Obama wants Americans to deal with Muslim refugees? OH HELL NAW! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Thank goodness our 2nd Amendment is still in tact, that way you can deal with these creeps the right way. One slug for every thug.


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