Machete-Wielding Muslim Attempts Attack On Those Paying Respects To Nice Terror Victims

Gee, how nice. A vigil was held for the 84 people who were slaughtered by an ISIS Jihadist in Nice, France. 10 of those were children. Over 202 were injured and 54 of those are children as well. 25 people are on life-support. As people grieved, they went to the vigil to light candles, leave toys and weep for those viciously murdered while watching fireworks on Bastille Day. They had an uninvited guest show up with a machete and he acted like he was going attack people with it. He was met with anger and frankly if the police hadn’t gotten to the terrorist, the people probably would have torn him apart. No great loss.

From BizPac Review:

Police in France arrested a man with a machete trying to attack people who had gathered at a vigil to remember the victims of the Nice attack.

Three days of national mourning were declared by French President Francois Hollande after 84 people were killed when a truck plowed into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.

A man allegedly attempted to attack those who had gathered at one vigil to pay their respects, according to a Twitter post by Buzzfeed journalist Ryan Broderick.

The news of this brazen attack came over Twitter. You can see the Jihadist being arrested by police and the machete the took from him. Now, that’s a knife. As the man was arrested and put in a patrol car, the people screamed for blood… literally. I don’t blame them in the least. People were crying while raging and news crews chased the police car as it took off.

ISIS was quick to take credit for the Nice attack. The weapon of choice was a truck… he just ran over people. The Jihadist also fired a gun as he killed. These monsters will never quit until they are made to stop. That means going after ISIS aggressively and eliminating them anywhere you find them. No quarter, no mercy… wipe them from the face of the earth. The man drew the large blade and people recoiled in horror thinking the worst was about to happen. Fortunately, the police got to him first and seized the 18 inch, hooked machete before he could put it to evil use.

The new British Prime Minister has said that France will just have to learn to live with terrorism. That is no way to fight ISIS and defeat them. It invites more attacks. Because of the lack of response, you see Muslims like this one at the vigil who feel emboldened and try to get away with more monstrous deeds. If you even look like you are going to hurt others at a tense time like this, you can hardly be surprised if you are treated less than civilly – you don’t pull out a huge machete just for effect. Kudos to the police for taking him down so fast. They have their work cut out for them.






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