NYC Judge Sides With Sharia, Says Muslim Cop Can Keep His Beard; Won’t Work With Gas Mask.

The New York City police department is now reassessing their policy banning beards after a Muslim backed class action lawsuit was brought against them on behalf of a Muslim officer. The officer was arrested for violating the rule and wearing a beard in accordance with his religion.

The officer is Masood Syed. He was suspended during the holy month of Ramadan when he refused to shave his very large beard. Now he has been reinstated. The attorney for the city, Michael Fleming mentioned the limit of facial hair is necessary for gas masks to fit very tightly on the officers faces in the line of duty.

In the lawsuit, the lawyers say it is unconstitutional and the police very inconsistently enforced. The report asks for unspecified damages as well as a court order injunction that prohibits the New York police department from enforcing the beard policy. Within 120 days a review of the rule should take place.

In the future the police department will reexamine how it continues to handle these types of disciplinary cases as well as exemptions that involves the ruling.

Didn’t anyone every teach these people the lesson that it’s better to be seen and not heard. Shaving your beard is no big deal. Would you rather lose your job or cry about your beard. Because your employers certainly won’t want to go the extra mile for you when you sue them.

Freedom Daily reported earlier that Muslim scholars do not believe growing a beard is an “obligation,” but merely a “recommendation.” In other words, Muslim men don’t HAVE to grow a beard, it’s basically up to them whether they do or not. It will not affect their “faith.”

This is what’s wrong with American is people thinking they should get special privileges because of their race, religion, sexual orientation or religion. Do you see Jews, Buddhists, Christians etc. going around asking for special privileges? No!!! So why should Muslims be any different??

They’re constantly asking and protesting for fair and equal treatment under the law well you got it and now all you’re doing is complaining about it!


Jeff Rainforth also contributed to this story.

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