Muslim Olympian Who Bashed Trump Begins Fencing Match, this Happens INSTANTLY…

The first American to wear a hijab at the Olympics just about BROKE the internet when the story went live. With all the Liberals online making a huge deal about what they think is history in the making…Kim Kardashian might actually be thinking of getting into the Olympics herself…to reclaim the internet for her booty shots.

I digress…


Apparently, it was a super huge deal for all our liberal loons out there that a woman representing the U.S. was wearing a hijab, that there was no energy for them to care about all the other women they ignored who actually WON something for America.

It’s cool. It’s not like liberals are American. They are closer to being…. Anti-american than anything else really.

However, it so happens that after criticizing Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump and really…just America in general, Ibtihaj Muhammad was actually ELIMINATED from the Olympic games, and it happened almost immediately after her asinine insult.

Because of this… guess what is happening now?

People are offended for her, and so now… she’s a victim of big bad America.

From Information Liberation:

Hijab wearing fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, who declared jihad on Donald Trump last week, lost almost immediately at the Rio Olympics.

The “history maker” is now being portrayed as a poor victim, pressured into being a “one-woman Trump buster.”

Ridiculous. This woman who was seen by liberals as some kind of poster girl for the hijab and the U.S. is no ground breaking heroine that was done wrong.

Seriously, there at the Olympics, it’s not the U.S. competing against the U.S…. it’s the world competing together. Once those whistles goes off, it’s about commitment, desire, focus, and fight. She lost. She didn’t win… it was nothing more and nothing less.

The fact that so many people want to claim that this had some kind of religious bearing on the entire ordeal is just…


Ibtihaj Muhammad of the U.S. lost fair and square to Cecilia Berder of France… PERIOD.

So someone grab a tissue box for these crying liberals, and slap them with it.

The woman even ran off and straight through the mixed zone in tears before the fourth estate could even get out of the lift.

So being a poor sport, does not make her a victim. Freaking liberals are always getting their facts twisted!

Now, Muhammad is not done with the Olympics yet. She is to make another appearance later this week in a team competition.

How about some love for our other U.S. participants who have actually placed in something, as they represent the U.S.?

Is that too much to expect from liberals…?


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