Muslim Olympian who Bashed America in RIO, just Said She Was Detained By Trump’s Ban, But Then LOOK Where She Was Coming From!!! We

Donald Trump’s travel ban gave media hoaxers the perfect opportunity to present themselves as victims.

The first heartbreaking story came from Mike Hager, an Iraqi-American who claimed that his mother died as a result of the travel ban, as she was blocked from entering the U.S. to receive medical care. A sad story – but it was quickly discovered that Hager’s mother passed away weeks before the ban was signed into law. Unless we’re supposed to believe that Trump is so dangerous that his policies can kill people before he signs them into law, we can call that claim for what it is: a lie.

And that’s not all. In an even more high profile story, a Muslim-American athlete who represented us in the Olympics (Ibtihaj Muhammad) claimed to have been detained as a result of Trump’s travel ban. Much like Hager, there’s some truth to her story in that she was detained.

But like Hager, her sense of linear time is apparently broken, as she was detained when a man by the name of “Barack Obama” was the POTUS.

As the Young Cons reported:

The problem with this particular news cycle, however, is that the alleged detaining apparently occurred in December, before Trump had even been sworn in as America’s 45th president.

Muhammad noted casually several days after her Feb. 7 interview that she meant last year when she said, “just a few weeks ago.”

To put it plainly, claims that Trump’s temporary immigration ban ensnared an American champion appear to be totally false, and by that champion’s own admission.

The rest of this piece has some great details but the main point is that she misled the media and they didn’t even bother checking out her story.

Yeah – I think the fact that the man you’re blaming for being detained wasn’t even President to detain you at the time is just a minor detail you’d think is relevant to include, no?

How hard would it have been for the media to simply check the date she was detained anyway? Apparently, all they had to do was ask and they could’ve avoided this embarrassing error.

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