Muslim Police Break Christian Woman’s Arms…But That Was Just The Beginning


The religion of peace strikes once again! 

(Mad World) Islam is not just a faith, it is a dangerous political ideology that requires the most basic human rights to submit to a suffocating, antiquated law that infiltrates every aspect of the person’s life.

In Islam, there is no individuality to define a person. First and foremost, a person is a Muslim; all other identification or categorization is secondary.

This was evident when a Pakistani Christian servant found herself at the mercy of corrupt Muslim officers.

A Christian woman named Aysha Bibi found herself in unescapable danger after her Muslim master accused her of stealing from his house. Abdul Jabar reported to local police that Bibi, who had worked as his personal maid servant for many years at less than $20 a month, had stolen a gold case worth over $340 from the house she was cleaning, the Christian Times reports.

Officers arrived at the middle-aged woman’s home, raiding her family’s belongings and seizing her.

Upon arrest, the police brought her to a cell and beat her with sticks and their fists, attempting to force a confession from her, according to BPCA. They violently beat her until they shattered both arms. Still, Aysha refused to give them the false confession.

Muslim Police Break Christian Woman's Arms...But That Was Just The Beginning

Asia News reports that Jabar is in possession of the stolen case and claims that Aysha returned it after her beating. He assures that the resurfacing of the allegedly stolen item proves her guilt, although Aysha denies the case was ever stolen in the first place.

Police, however, weren’t satisfied without a confession. Realizing they could not force Aysha to incriminate herself, authorities returned to her home to arrest her son, 20-year-old Zubair Rashid Masih.

Aysha was forced to watch her son beaten and tortured for hours while police threatened that the torture would continue unless she confessed, something she knew would warrant a horrific punishment.

“My son was screaming for them to stop, it was obvious he was in pain there was blood everywhere,” Aysha cried. “I asked the Police to beat me not my son he had never even been to my employer’s home?”

Aysha was soon released by frustrated officers, but her nightmare didn’t end there. The next morning, a police car drove up to her house, dumping the mutilated body of her son in front of the door.

Muslim Police Break Christian Woman's Arms...But That Was Just The Beginning

“No mother should have to endure the brutal killing of her son by police hands or witness his body callously dumped like garbage in the street,” BPCA researcher Alison Houghton sympathetically stated. “When police in Pakistan can treat a Christian in this shocking and inhumane manner, in broad daylight with no attempt to conceal their actions, it shows how worthless Christian lives are and how violence is endemic within the authorities. It also sends a clear message to Pakistani society that violence, hatred and religious intolerance towards Christians is condoned.”

Aysha’s son was brutally tortured until he died, simply because Muslims are considered elite, while all others are subhuman. Under Sharia law, the word of a Muslim weighs heavier than the word of an infidel, meaning that an accusation towards the latter is taken as truth. So long as Sharia law is implemented, freedom and humanity will cease to exist in these countries.

A fund has been set up in Aysha’s name to challenge the injustice against her family, and also pay for the funeral of her son. If you’d like to donate, please, click here. Donation options can be found near the end of the that article.

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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