Muslim Tries To Use Quran To Get Out Of A Ticket, Then Cop DESTROYS Her And Quran! (VIDEO)


I think we’ve all tried a creative way to get out of a speeding ticket before, with differing levels of success. I’ve found that if you really want it to work, you better have an officer with a sense of humor.

Here’s a new approach: using religion to try to get out of a ticket.

After making numerous traffic violations, a Muslim woman was pulled over by police in Norway. After being approached by the officer, the woman attempted to use religion as an excuse. But before that, she refused to do as much as shake the officer’s hand – citing religious reasons for even that refusal. The officer then informed her that she had been driving without a seat-belt, and while talking on the phone.

Then, things got interesting…

As Fury News reports:

Again attempting to weasel her way out of the traffic ticket, she said that a doctor had given her a medical excuse to not wear a seat belt. When asked to show the written doctor’s excuse, the woman was cornered and admitted that she didn’t have one. Here’s where the story takes an absurd turn: When the officer informed her that it was illegal to use a phone while driving the Muslim woman said that she was listening to the Quran in an attempt to cure her toothache.

Officer Vermeulen had the perfect response for the rude woman, without missing a beat, he responded “an aspirin will probably work better against the pain than the Quran.” He then proceeded to hand the woman a $245 ticket. The entire interaction was caught on camera, as a camera crew was filming for a Norwegian police documentary called “Wegmisbruikers,” which translates to “Road Offenders.” You can watch the entire clip below.

It was an interesting strategy to get out of a ticket, I must admit. I guess this means I can’t start my own religion where speeding is a sacrament and get out of tickets…

It still is amazing though that she thought she would be above the law because she’s a Muslim in a Westernized country. In most European countries, Muslims commit crimes at widely disproportionate rates to the general population (and that’s reflected in the demographics of their prison population). Maybe they all thought they were above the law.

On the other hand, I don’t think that a religious excuse would get you out of a speeding ticket even in a Muslim country!

What do you all think of this? Does it reflect the fact that immigrants from the Middle East are much less likely to assimilate into Western culture? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and share this post on Facebook and Twitter.