Muslim Rapes & Beats 12-Year-Old Girl, Court Frees Him After Hearing 7 Words

This is beyond sick! This Islamist piece-of-crap child rapist should be beaten with a baseball bat, and then be stuck in a woodchipper! But no! Leftist scum let him go!

This is what’s coming to America. Obama will flood this country with Muslim “refugees,” and this scene will repeatedly play out in cities across America.Call your representative! Do not let this happen to America!

A court heard of how a Muslim migrant brutally beat and raped a 12-year-old girl until she “bled from her genitals,” and that the rapist’s family is now stalking and assaulting her. However, it took only 7 words for the leftist officials to free the pedophile with only community service, allowing him to harass his child victim once again.

A Swedish court was told that 18-year-old Guled Muhamud, a Somali migrant living in Sundsvall, lured 12-year-old “Ida” to his apartment, beat her severely, and violently raped her, according to The Daily Caller. After repeatedly striking the child in the face and head, he forced her to perform oral sex on him while he taunted her, saying “black dick is expensive.” The bruised and bloodied child was released, and her family rushed her to the hospital, where medics treated the little girl for internal bleeding caused by the rape.

The victim and her parents expected that these heinous details would ensure her rapist was locked up for good, but as soon as the court heard Muhamud’s 7-word excuse, he was back on the streets in no time.

Fria Tider reports that in July 2015, Muhamud explained that although he understood that the girl was underage and had never consented to sexual conduct, he blamed his brutal assault on having “some trouble with anxiety and sleep problems.” This was enough for the court to rule out prison, releasing him with 180 hours of community service and awarding the defense $15,000 for physical and psychological damage.

Of course, the child’s suffering doesn’t end there. Although Ida fears that her rapist will come after her now that he’s free, he has others to do his bidding. The girl, now 13, told Swedish media that although she has a restraining order against Muhamud, his family has made her life hell.

Sundsvall Newspaper reports that Ida was waiting at a bus stop during Easter weekend when she encountered one of Muhamad’s brothers. The man severely beat her for putting his rapist brother through the court system. Not long after, Ida met Muhamad’s other family members.

“Then came the second brother who has a restraining order against him, so I thought he was going to help me up, but he gave me a fist blow over my mouth. Then came his mother and I thought they were going to stop, but she kicked me,” says the girl to Sundsvalls Newspaper.

Ida was again taken to the hospital for injuries to the back of the head and several loose teeth. She revealed that the family told her that if they see her another time, she’ll “get beaten 6 more times.”

Because of the family’s continual threats and violence, Ida was forced to live as a shut-in, missing school for three consecutive months. She has since changed schools, but the attacks from Muhamud’s family haven’t slowed. The windows in her house have been broken and vandalized, and Ida’s younger brother has become a target of the Somali family’s harassment.

Child welfare has offered to move the girl and her family to a safe house, but the father doesn’t believe this will stop the attacks. After all, the authorities already know about the assaults and have done nothing to stop them.

Because of Sweden’s leftist policies, migrants are getting away with lawlessness, including the acquittal of one Muslim child rapist because the judge suspected the victim could’ve stopped it, and the release of another due to insufficient documents proving his age.

Sweden has fallen on its own sword, allowing the very migrants it welcomed in to drive out its own citizens. Because of her unfettered migration, Sweden has earned the title “rape capital of the West.” Still, the left continues to persevere by the notion that tolerance extended to all ideologies will be returned to them.

Via Mad World News

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