Muslim Refugee Brutally Gang Rapes Girl, Judge Frees Him For Sickening Reason


From Mad World: A judge heard the testimony of a young woman who was brutally choked, beaten, and gang raped by a group of refugees. Although they were all found guilty of bestial rape, one of the migrants said something that had the liberal judge immediately sending him back out on the streets.

Because of Europe’s “open door” policy, millions of migrants from the most dangerous Muslim countries on earth are being welcomed into the generous welfare nations — but financial benefits aren’t the only things they’re abusing.

The Local reported in November that a group of at least three North African refugees took turns savagely raping a 23-year-old Swedish woman on the island of Södermalm. Two of the migrants, first believed to be between 15 and 18-years old, received six to nine months in a juvenile detention center. The record now shows that at least two of them are older than 18; however, the third rapist was released “because his age could not be determined.”

Although the refugee is believed to be over the age of 15, he was not sentenced since he had no identification documents to prove his date of birth, according to Friar Tider.

This excuse from the Stockholm court is absolutely appalling. Regardless of why this foreign criminal does not have the proper documentation, it is unbelievable that he will not be punished, yet is free to roam the streets for his next victim.

“I am very sorry that they got so short a punishment for what they did to me,” the woman said to Aftonbladet in conjunction with the District Court judgment.

 The left has failed this young woman, because of their dangerous immigration stance, the Swedish Migration Board failed her, in that they either did not ensure the proper documentation and screening of this migrant, and, lastly, the court failed her by allowing her abuser to get away with brutally assaulting her.
Still, there’s a disturbing reason that you’ve most likely not heard about this leftist judge’s outrageous actions. Because of Facebook’s blatant censorship, the link for the originalInfo Wars article was flagged by the social media giant as “abusive content,” preventing users from sharing the link.
Of course, whitewashing heinous crimes to further their agenda isn’t uncommon with the left, especially in Sweden.
In October, the Swedish Migration Board covered up the brutal rape of a 3-year-old girl by moving the 40-year-old Muslim refugee rapist to another location and refusing to cooperate with police.

In another case, after a 15-year-old girl was gang raped by a group of Muslim migrants, a Swedish judge blamed her for the attack and acquitted her rapists.

Sweden’s terrible fate may be devastating, but it also serves as a valuable lesson for the rest of the West. It is impossible to import the third world without also importing its ideals, cultures, and values. The more that democratic nations welcome in refugees from strict Muslim countries, the more we will see their religious laws and ideology play out.

We cannot expect that changing these people’s location will also change their minds. Muslims who believe that mankind should bow to Sharia law have every religious justification to brutalize those who do not, just like their prophet modeled.

Unfortunately, rape is a particularly effective tool for the subjugation of such tolerant cultures. If women fear being raped, they will become more “modest” in dress, behavior, and mindset, thus, subconsciously conforming to Sharia law.

We cannot teach rapists to refrain from raping, but we can shut our borders to the countries that are supplying them. That and, as for Americans, we demonstrate the constitutional right that truly makes us all equal — the Second Amendment.

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