Muslim “Refugee” Stabs Teen Girl In The Face for Refusing SEX

SICK! This “refugee” exhibited typical behavior of those wanting to come to the United States. Put this thing down like the dog he is, and ban all Muslim immigration. Their culture will never mix with Western culture!


Obama is cutting the refugee screening time for theses barbarians. Posing as children, these invaders lie about their age. The attacker in this case said he was 16, but appears to be 30. This kind of fraud is rampant. Something President Obama does not take into account when he says these are just “widows and orphans” coming here from Syria. It would be funny if it weren’t so horrible.

Google translation of this FriaTider article is a bit disjointed, but you get the picture (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Domestic. Two Swedish teenage girls partying with refugees in an asylum accommodation in southern Stockholm – it ended with one of the girls was stabbed in the face after refusing set of six. The prosecutor wants to get the knife man deported from Sweden and now the question of the man’s age examined by the Supreme Court.

Knife attack in Huddinge

“16 years of bloody naive” – policewoman lecturing teenage girl who partied with refugee
“Refugee” was a grown man – convicted of stabbing spree against the girl refused to have sex
Refugee children were grown man – arrested for the brutal knife attack on woman

It was the evening of 10 last November that the party was in an asylum accommodation for unaccompanied refugee children in southern Stockholm. According to documents from the judiciary as Free Times noted the existence of both alcohol and drugs at the party. Two Swedish teenage girls, 16 to 17 years old, was with and partied with asylum seekers.

Refugee children were interested in the Swedish girls, especially one of them who according to his asylum application named Karim Ageri, is 16 years old and comes from Algeria. Karim tafsade 17-year-old girl on the butt, tried to kiss her on the mouth and made it clear that he would have sex with her. When he did not accept 17-year-old no, they chose two Swedes to sneak away from the asylum accommodation by climbing out a window.

But Karim followed. He pulled out a knife and cut the 17-year-old girl twice in the face. In connection with the cutting knife he shouted something to her in a language she did not understand. [Arabic]

girl cut by migrant

Prosecutor Marie Skeppstedt Törnström, which initially was responsible for the case, considers Karim Ageri is an adult at least 21 years old man who should be tried as an adult and be expelled from Sweden after serving his sentence.

Södertörn District Court disagrees. In December last year the Court confined itself to judge Karim to juvenile detention and dismissed the demand for expulsion. The verdict was appealed to the Svea Court of Appeal who tore up the district court’s ruling, Karim sentenced to 1.5 years in prison and deportation for serious assault.

Now the Supreme Court to decide Karim Ageris age and the evidentiary requirements that apply to unaccompanied minors who are convicted of crimes.

My Hedstrom’s bureau chief in the prosecutor’s office and the case comes when it reaches now HD. She looks forward to trying the case in the Supreme Court and that Sweden thus get a judge ruled that all courts must comply.

– It is very important of course that we get clarity on the evidence requirements. Where the courts have thought different, she says to the Free Times.

“Not regular refugee”
Hedstrom says that some courts use of proof “beyond reasonable doubt”, which is the highest burden of proof. This means that adult asylum seekers classified as children of the prosecution fails to prove otherwise.

– We think that you should have a proof which says that “overwhelming reasons for” he is over a certain age. We believe that the investigation is enough to overwhelming reasons for being over 21 years, she says.

Prosecution case including as a proof rättsodontologisk examination, that is an examination of teeth, showing that Karim Ageri is “at least 19.2 years”. Odontology Irena Dawidson, who conducted the study, writes in its statement that Karim could be even older, and that the probability is low that he is under 18 years.

Hedstrom also addresses the problem of all asylum seekers who come to Sweden and claim to be children, even though they are adults.

– Because of the situation in the world has increased exponentially. There will be more and more hit to throw their identity documents, or do not know how old they are, she says, and continues:

– In this case it is not downright refugee. There are street children of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria circulating around Europe and then use different identities. There can be up to ten-fifteen different identities that figure.

Can be 30 years
Karim Ageri has previously applied for asylum in Germany, according to an application for asylum last year, an Arab man named Mohamed and turns 28 in a few weeks. According to other identity documents, investigators got hold of, he instead was born in 1986 and turns 30 this year.

Hedstrom says that it is unclear, not just how old Karim is, but also what country he comes from.

– He says he is from Algeria, but he has legitimized himself with a passport in Germany who says that he is a Tunisian national. So we do not really know. He has also legitimized itself in Morocco with the Moroccan identity. So he was coming from, we can not say that we know, she says.


Karim Ageri is, according to his application for asylum from Germany, a man in their 30s. Photo: Police.

To establish who and how old Karim Ageri is hampered by the Arab countries in North Africa do not want back the criminal refugee children.

– These countries are not so inclined to help, because they do not like to have return these people to their countries. When Interpol and embassy contacts trying to get information to get very evasive answers, explaining Hedstrom.

– The bottom line in the end is that you can choose the age as it suits you to be.

Via Pamela Geller

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