Muslim Refugees Brutally Beat On White Girl Until Their Worst Nightmare Showed Up Out Of Nowhere [WATCH]

A 34-year-old woman and her manly partner were walking home from a lovely night out on the town when they ran into three racist Muslims. The men blurted racist slurs at the woman and when she said anything back, they assaulted her by breaking her face wide open.

That’s when her man stepped in out of nowhere and defended her. They didn’t expect him to take on three vs one, but he did. Two of the racist Muslims eventually quit engaging in battle, but this man fought the third scumbag one vs one. Then some security or city workers appear and that’s when the camera cuts off and we can’t see any more of the video.

Police are seeking tips in identifying the assailants who attacked this woman near the Coventry Skydome.

A 34-year-old woman was walking home from a night out with her partner when a group of three men shouted a racist comment at her.

When she tried to confront them she was assaulted and sustained fractures to her nose and cheekbone.

Three Muslim men attacked a woman for no reason and smashed the bones in her face. There was literally no reason for them to lay their hands on a woman like that.

The point of this video, besides the police searching for the attackers, is to show you a prime example of how Muslim men treat women. If that man wasn’t there, then she would have been raped behind a dumpster, beaten, and left to rot. The Muslim refugees have no regard for human life and treat women like bottom dwellers. The truth is, the Muslim refugees are the bottom dwelling trash divers of society. They refuse to civilize and modernize their religion. They think everything is about overthrowing someone else and they don’t understand how to live peacefully with everyone.

Not everyone believes in the same religion, but most people know how to respect each other and live a happy life.

We’re still waiting for the Muslims to catch up.

Until then, they’re just barbaric miserable scumbags.

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