Muslim Refugees Come Out To Celebrate New Years and Destroy Everything They See! (VIDEO)

From Mad World: Quite the horrific video is going viral, proving just what to expect when enough Muslim refugees are let into your country. As the New Year came about, it seems that a few Muslims came out to celebrate in a way that only they know how – and that’s when horror struck.

Footage was captured by Mohamed Amine Bruxellois somewhere in Brussels, Belgium amid the New Year’s celebration. Unfortunately, as the nation has allowed quite a few Muslim refugees to enter recently, things weren’t about to be as cheerful as normal.

After a few refugees spotted several Christmas trees in the area, they decided to do something about it – after all, it is a holiday of the infidel, is it not? Within mere seconds, the Islamists somehow deployed what has been reported as a “makeshift petrol bomb” and lit the tree ablaze.

Cries of “allahu akbar” could be heard echoing throughout the streets immediately afterwards.

Belgian daily Le Soir goes on to report:

Witnesses reported that the young men who fled were refugees from Iraq and Syria. 2 other Christmas trees in the area were also targeted, but no video has been uploaded. Police have not made any arrests.

Unfortunately, they weren’t done there, as Mohamed would actually post acorresponding video showing the lawlessness that the refugees went on to exhibit. Although less religiously motivated, the second clip shows the Islamic idiots pushing a car down several flights of stairs leading down to a subway platform below.

I shouldn’t have to say how dangerous this was, as someone could have been killed, and there is also the destruction of someone else’s property.

As President Barack Obama has positioned himself to take in hundreds-of-thousands of these people, it’s clear we’re not simply talking about harmless “women and children.” Sure, when they stand alone, Muslims tend to be compliant to their new host country’s laws, but when enough of them rally together, well, this is what you get.

Too often do we see this is the case, and there are ample videos proving this to be true. Unfortunately, when it comes to leftists, they’re too dead set on offering themselves up as human meat shields for the religion to acknowledge the reality of it all – that many of those they seek to protect would gladly see their throats slit. These are uncertain times we live in, so it’s best to get prepared.

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